Why you should invest in aerial helicopter filming for your next film

aerial helicopter filming

For a very long time, aerial cinematography has been a staple of cinema, and its ability to remind the audience of just how small the film’s subject may be in relation to their surroundings. Either to show a sweeping, majestic shot of the landscape, or to make the audience profoundly uncomfortable with the reminder of how much empty space there is around the protagonist.

In a broad definition, aerial cinematography is a technique that uses aircraft like helicopters, planes or drones to capture a perspective from the air. It allows filmmakers to show landscapes from an entirely new and usually in-accessible angle which gives audiences new insight into the world of the film in a breathtaking and cost-effective way. So have a look at why you should consider involving aerial helicopter filming in your next project.

1. Aerial cinematography allows filmmakers to capture new perspectives

Capturing scale can be an important part of filmmaking, and a great reason to employ the use of aerial photography. If you are creating a new world that audiences are being inserted into, then a requirement of building that world is being able to display dramatic scenery locations that no camera crew or crane operator could properly capture. Breathtaking aerial photography transforms the visual tableau of a film, allowing filmmakers to give audiences an insight into the scale of the world around the characters and involve themselves in the story.

2. It’s not as pricey as you might think

In recent years, drone technology has become more readily available, and there are many cost-effective aerial filming companies available to hire. Because these teams are specialists, it means they come with all the technology you will need to capture the perfect shot, saving you money that would otherwise need to be spent on additional filming equipment.

3. Hiring an aerial filming company means you get an experienced team

There is a lot of complicated work that goes into capturing a breathtaking aerial shot, involving many moving parts and significant technical planning that most standard film crews are not equipped to perform. Some film crews will not have the knowledge to use the specialised equipment required to film while in the air and there is a lot of work to do in determining if their aircraft meets the safety and flight demands of the filming specific location.

So if you make sure to hire an experienced aerial filming company, you will guarantee:

● Highly experienced crew in both film and flight
● Fuel and flight insurance
● Helicopter ground transport, if necessary
● Rental of high-performance camera systems

So if you are looking for a way to enhance your next film project, take the time to do some research on aerial helicopter filming and make sure to find a team that can handle whatever complex shots you might be looking to add to your film. It can be the perfect way to give your project more depth and truly impress your audience.

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