Why double wall cardboard boxes are the best way to keep your products safe?

Double wall cardboard boxes are the best option when it comes to providing extraordinary safety to the products. Therefore, these boxes are ideal for all types of expensive products having a subtle nature. Double layers of cardboard make these boxes more durable. However, still, they remain customizable, and brands can get them in a variety of designs. Also, it is easy to infuse them with modern customization techniques like embossing, debossing, foiling, scoring and perforation. It means improved customer appeal and branding opportunities. Printing the double wall boxes is quite simpler using the digital and offset printers under the CMYK or PMS color schemes.

Product safety is a crucial need of the brands as the whole of their reputation and customer satisfaction rate depends on this single factor. Several brands deal in fragile items that need extraordinary safety, and even items with a rigid texture need protection from scratches. Double wall cardboard boxes handily serve firms in this regard as they are among the packaging types having a most protective nature. It is why these boxes always remain high in demand and are among the best-selling product of the packaging firms. Let’s know about all the reasons for which they are the best way to keep your products safe.  

Double wall cardboard boxes are more durable

One reason why the double wall cardboard boxes could better protect your products is their durability. Usually, packaging firms use a single sheet of cardboard to manufacture a box. However, these boxes contain additional layers of cardboard. The inside fluted sheets of the cardboard are doubled than normal in the case of these boxes. It results in providing them additional strength to resist the influencing factors. Usually, their resistance capability is double that of the normal cardboard custom packaging. Thus, brands face no product return issues that can harm the credibility of a brand and could even result in losing potential buyers. It is the reason you should consider using these boxes for products if you are facing this issue with your business and need to win the customer’s trust.  

Safety capabilities tested before deployment

The safety capabilities of the custom double wall cardboard boxes could be judged from the aspect that these boxes are tested before deployment. All experienced packaging firms have a facility for testing packaging to check whether they meet the safety standards or not. There are a few techniques that can be helpful in testing this packaging. One is to use a drop test. It is where the firms drop product packaging from a certain height onto a hard surface. This is done to see if the package can withstand being dropped and if the contents are protected. Another technique is to use a compression test. It is where they place a package on a platform and place the weight on top of it. It helps to know if the package can withstand weight pressure and if the contents can stay safe. 

Food grade materials even prevent food contamination

There is a risk of food contamination from the packaging if the packaging contains hazardous chemicals or if firms do not manufacture it using food-grade materials. Contamination can also occur if the packaging comes into contact with contaminated surfaces or if it is not properly sealed. The printed double wall cardboard boxes ensure the safety and preservation of the food items, specifically as they are manufactured using food-grade materials. Hence, the risk of food contamination eradicates completely, and customers can enjoy organic food. Cardboard is a food-grade material that helps to prevent food contamination. Manufacturing these boxes with recyclable paper is safe for food contact. Considering this factor, as well as the safety of the food items, makes the buyers loyal to such brands. Hence, buyers perceive such brands to provide their customers with the best. 

An affordable and engaging option for safety needs

While you are taking measures for the safety of consumable and non-consumable products, it is also vital to caring about the budget indicators. Saving finance is the major factor for the growth and development of a business. A reason why the double wall cardboard boxes wholesale are the best packaging option for this purpose is that they offer an affordable way of protecting the items. Using these boxes will eliminate the need to use expensive inserts that also increase the weight of the packages and cost more for shipping. However, these boxes have a lightweight nature and meanwhile engage more buyers due to their customization abilities.  

Effective for resisting all types of harmful factors

There are several packaging types that are among the top solutions to offer product safety. However, a factor in which these custom boxes stand at the top is due to their ability to resist every single kind of factor. They protect items while they are in a stack at warehouses and, meantime, resist the humid environment conditions as well. On the other hand, the thick and double layering of the walls of these boxes makes them a difficult option for tearing. It helps protect the items from sharp edges during shipping or loading and unloading of the items from transportation means.  

Double wall cardboard boxes are multidisciplinary

Double wall cardboard boxes are a multidisciplinary packaging solution because they can be used for packaging a wide variety of products. They are also solid and durable, making them ideal for heavy packaging products. However, the safety of products is not their only capability. These boxes are as easy to print as simple cardboard boxes. This trait of these boxes helps benefit in the printing of product and brand details to make customers aware. Meanwhile, marketing through packaging also makes the brand more noticeable. This multidisciplinary nature of these boxes helps brands get more benefits with less investment.

All these mentioned traits of the double wall cardboard boxes turn them into the best protective packaging solution. This protective nature of these boxes also offers safety from multiple influencing factors. Hence, the brands do not need to worry about the product’s safe delivery as they would stay secure under rough conditions as well.

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