why art prints are important in meditation studio


It seems like the world is chaotic. Meditation is becoming more popular because of the increasing stress and tension that can lead to various health issues and discomfort. They are now bringing meditation home to make it a daily practice.

For a zen environment you can go with custom canvas prints and feel refreshing while entering at any time your heart rate rises or your skin starts to prickle is a great addition that could change your life.

We’ve put together a list of must-haves that will help you create your sanctuary where you can disconnect from the outside world and connect with the best version yourself.

Comfort is the most important thing

Your body must be able to relax completely before your mind can let go. You’ll feel uncomfortable sitting on hard floors or stiff neck from the wrong chair and you will be distracted from the wonderful juiciness of a relaxed mind.

To truly increase peace, you can start by adding your favorite chairs, soft furnishings, and other comforts.

It is better to have less than you think

A minimalist interior design can help create a space that is still and calm for the over-busy, stressed mind. Take down all furniture in the space that offers the most peace. Your brain will signal that it is time to slow down the moment you enter the room.

Stillness images

It is crucial to create a relaxing atmosphere in your meditation room. You can easily get into the zone by using artwork with peaceful imagery. For more tranquil ideas, take a look at our soothing collection of Zen Art.

Greenery is a great addition

They not only keep your air fresher and improve your breathing, but they also look great in any room.

“Different plants can have different properties. Common ivy is a good choice for adding a leafy element to your decor. You might also try jasmine, which has a sweet fragrance that isn’t overwhelming.

Let water soothe you

People are attracted to water and it undeniably shifts our mood to ‘…, “a mild meditation state characterized by calmness, peace, unity and a feeling of general happiness with life in this moment” Huffington Post.

You don’t have to live near water to enjoy the peace and harmony that soothing water art can bring.

Channel nature

Natural decor can help us relax and ground ourselves. To create a unique vibe, incorporate natural elements like bamboo, cane furniture, and cotton.

Dalina says that raw textures such as reclaimed wood furniture or plants are ideal for creating a natural-inspired space. This will help you to connect with the earth and channel your energy.

Bruce MacDonald, a leading flooring company, MacDonald Hardwoods recommends that you think about your flooring.

While it is important that the final product feels warm and cozy, many people forget to clean the room. Dust and allergens can cause distractions during meditation, which can put a damper on the experience. Hardwood flooring is a good choice for meditation rooms. The Janka rating should be hardier than the hardwood. For the perfect atmosphere, you can add rugs, pillows, and blankets to your meditation space.

Energy evoking palette

Decide what kind of energy you want to instill in your space before you begin decorating. This will help you decide on the color palette. Once you’ve decided, you can create a mood board to help you plan your space and help you choose the pieces you want to buy.

If you are looking to create a calm space, choose cooler colors and tones. Warmer colors like oranges and reds are more energetic and may subtly inspire a different kind of energy than you initially intended. Dalina suggests that you use a monochromatic minimalist palette to create a simple color story, or an analog palette to add some variety.

This fresh green palette can be used to stimulate renewal and growth.


The right light

Super soft lighting is key to creating the right ambiance in your meditation space.

“Light affects not only how we wake up or fall asleep, but also how we feel, function, and behave. It’s crucial to create the right atmosphere for our well-being. The Philips Hue Ambiance Candle E14 allows you to set preprogrammed light settings that will suit your day, moods, and needs. Daniela Marie says you can choose from four light recipes to energize and concentrate, as well as read, focus, and relax.

You can also change the lighting to give your art a different look in each setting. It will never get boring!

Power quotes

Reminders are important for everyone. Reminders should include positive inspirational quotes. Regularly hearing positive words can help shift our mood to a place of calm where we feel able to face any challenges head-on without losing our peace.

You don’t have to live with the same old furniture. You can experiment with unique furniture in your meditation room. As a way to use items uniquely, try out benches and crates as well as low coffee tables, hanging seats, ottomans, ladders, and hanging chairs.

A meditation room is complete without a water feature.

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