When it comes to laser hair removal, does it work on men as well?

Laser hair removal does not have to be performed only by women. Laser hair removal can be done by men using mens laser hair removal london.

No more uncomfortably regrowth

Although they are quicker than waxing or shaving, creams for hair removal can often be more time-consuming than traditional methods. Itchy, prickly hairs may re-grow. This could lead to uneven skin tones. This can also make it harder to keep your natural skin tone. It can be difficult to remove large areas of hair such as the back or chest by yourself. Laser hair removal should be performed in conjunction with professionals to achieve the best results.

Laser hair removal is a great way to reduce hair loss. Laser hair removal can shrink the hair size by up to 90%. Regrowth will result in the hair becoming softer, lighter, and finer.


What does laser hair removal look like?

A wavelength light can be used to remove unwanted hairs. The hair loses the nutrients it requires for growth. Medical-grade lasers convert light to heat which can damage individual hair roots. This will result in a decrease in hair texture and growth.

What are the steps to get results?

To disrupt hair nutrition, you must target the hair at the correct time during the growth cycle. Each hair requires several sessions to treat at the right stage. Eight to twelve treatments may be recommended depending on the area. This will ensure long-lasting results. Highly qualified professionals will create a personalized treatment plan during your free consultation.

Laser hair removal is painful?

Although laser hair removal isn’t painful for most people it can cause discomfort. The elastic may pull at the skin. It can also lead to warmth. The cooling device in lasers provides comfort for sensitive areas like the pubic or face.

These are the locations where you can have your hair done with a laser.

Laser hair removal is possible almost anywhere on the body. Even sensitive areas such as the skin and pubic region.

  • Cheekbones
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • The face
  • Full face
  • Underarms
  • Male Hollywood
  • Shoulder blades
  • Full back
  • Full Back, Shoulders and Upper Arm
  • The entire body, including the abdomen and chest, back, arms and underarms, and buttocks.

These three steps will get you on the path to success

Consultation is completely free and without obligation. Call them or book online to request a callback.


You can book a consultation with one of our highly-qualified professionals for a one-on-1 consultation. The practitioner will:

  • Discuss the possible outcomes and options for hair removal.
  • Describe the recovery process, possible outcomes, and cost.
  • All questions regarding the treatment
  • To determine the suitability of the treatment, a simple patch test is possible.


Canova London is the UK’s most trusted laser hair removal specialist. Their team has performed many laser hair reduction treatments so you can trust them. You will feel at ease during and after treatment. After your first treatment, you will be provided with both advice and a product pack.

Business Name Canova London

Address:- 71 Duke Street, London W1K 5NX

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