What you need to know about external wall insulation

What is the definition for external wall insulation?

You can insulate an external wall by adding an insulating layer to it. This can be done either internally or externally. You can prevent heat from escaping your walls and keep the cold out. Although it is more costly than cavity wall insulation you will be able to save much more on your heating bills.

What is the difference between a cavity wall and a solid wall?

Cavity wall insulation can’t be used to insulate solid walls because they don’t have gaps. Cavity walls are made of two layers of material, with a gap between them called a “cavity”.

How can I tell if my wall is solid?

* There are many options for solid walls. These are the most common methods to determine if your property has solid walls.
* It was built before 1920.
* The walls are less that 260mm thick both inside and out.
* Brickwork looks similar to the one in the photograph.
* You should consult your local planning department before you start installing solid wall insulation.

It is a smart idea to insulate your exterior home.

A cold wall will pull heat away from all things in its vicinity. Insulation by solid walls adds an extra layer of thermal protection to your exterior home.

There are other reasons to choose insulation:

Why External Wall Insulation is Important

* External wall Insulation Birmingham not only benefits the environment but also your wallet. It is expected to reduce your energy bills by PS460 each year.
* Insulate exterior walls and solid walls with high-quality insulation to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your home.
* High quality insulation will keep your home warm and create a cozy environment.

EWI is an economical option for homeowners who don’t have a cavity wall but want to insulate their home. You can make your home more comfortable and warmer by using green energy. It also improves the aesthetics of your property. You can also request a quote free of charge from one our knowledgeable and friendly installers.

External wall insulation has the following advantages: The staff can install it without any disruption to your day. EWI does not affect the floor space in your home. It enhances the aesthetic of your home. It increases the acoustic resistance of the building and weatherproofing. The filling of cracks in the masonry will reduce draughts. Walls will live longer. Condensation can be reduced on interior walls.

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