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Caribbean Citizenship by Investment?!

What is the strategy to select a passport program that best suits your needs, priorities and capacities? Which form of constructive strategy is required of the applicant at the document approval point, moreover what factors can influence the duration of this process? You Will Find The Answers Today! Read On!

To help our clients select the right type of citizenship by investment program, we analyze more than 10 criteria’s and make a detailed cost calculation of all programs. This way, we are able to compare all the possible choices and make a choice that is consistent with the priorities and budget of the client.

Before signing the deal, we carry out a free preliminary test to determine our client’s prospects, as well as potential threats they can face when acquiring their country of choice economic citizenship.

Details to Be Paid ATTENTION Upon

When our client agrees on a CBI system with our help, we then sign a deal, next, create a personalized checklist. Once we plan to request the form, we ask the customer to request the original or notarized versions of the documents. Any Idea Which Documents Are We Talking About?! Well, below its mentioned.

  1. All Civil Documents
  2. Higher education diplomas.
  3. Documents proving the origins of funds from which the investment is extracted
  4. Letters of reference to corporate partner
  5. Financial documents
  6. Criminal record certificates from the country of residence of the claimant
  7. NOTE that every program has its own paper specifications
  8. All documents must be in English 
  9. Medical testing and medical check-ups are the next move.
  10. At all of these stages of document preparation we try to minimize the involvement of the applicant

When the applicant’s case is accepted, a certificate of naturalization is issued by committee of citizenship by investment, and our representative receives the passport on behalf of our client. Therefore, traveling to the Caribbean country of your choice is not at all required, because all the documents will be simply delivered to you.

Reasons why people interested in getting second passport prefer Our Services?

  • Our second citizenship by investment in Dubai company only offers the pay-on-delivery option, whereby the customer pays once the expected results are obtained.
  • Since long, we have been delivering Economic Immigration services. We’re incorporating our expertise into your goal.
  • We give free consulting, recognizing the value of making the best choices for the customer.
  • Originally we will not pick up desperate situations and notify consumers of their prospects until we sign the deal.
  • We only operate through investment projects with formal, government-approved European Union and Caribbean citizenship.
  • Before signing a contract we inform our clients of any additional fees and expenses.
  • Clients carry out a preliminary test to determine the prospective investor’s likelihood of gaining residency or permanent status, even before the contract is signed.
  • Our customers are followed at all levels of paper preparation. We work towards reaching the goals of our clients.
  • We are around the desk 24/7.
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