What to Consider When Purchasing Filing Cabinets

high density storage cabinets

Filing cabinets — no office is complete without them. Even in this day and age, when most of our work is done online, there’s still a need for an organised, secure storage solution. High density storage cabinets provide the perfect solution.

However, not all filing cabinets are created equal. The last thing you want is to invest in steel drawers for your entire office, only to find that they are not the right size or are poorly made.

With that in mind, here are the top factors to consider when purchasing high density storage cabinets for your office environment.

Vertical vs. lateral
Broadly speaking, filing cabinets come in two orientations — vertical and lateral. The orientation you choose will depend on what you are planning to store as well as the amount of available space in your office.

Vertical filing cabinets are the traditional kind that you find in most offices. They can be easily stacked on top of one another and tend to take up less space. However, it’s not always easy to quickly locate files in this type of storage solution. Vertical cabinets are best for teams that have a lot of assets to store but won’t necessarily search for them on a daily basis — like an accountant, for example.

Lateral filing cabinets, on the other hand, are larger and make it easy to instantly see all of your stored documents. If you’ve got a little more space in your office and are going to be consulting files regularly, a lateral cabinet may be the better option for you.

Depending on what type of business you run and the existing appearance of your office, the aesthetic look of your filing cabinets may be very important to you.

Generally speaking, most high density storage cabinets will come in a variety of white and grey colours. Consider whether you would like your cabinets to blend in or stand out. Think about where they’re going to be stored — under your desk or stacked against a wall. Does this make a difference to the colour and finish?

Speaking of finish, if your cabinets are made from steel — and they most likely will be — ensure they’re protected with a powder coat finish. This will add durability and result in a higher quality overall appearance.

To lock or to not?
Not all high density storage cabinets will come with an in-built security system. In addition, some locking systems are simply not up to the task and provide very little protection.

If you’ll be storing important documents, you must ensure that your chosen filing cabinets have a high-quality locking system.

Quality of product
At some point in your life, you’ve probably come across a poorly constructed storage cabinet. Maybe the ball-bearing runner system jams, meaning you have to tug and pull to even open the cabinet. Perhaps multiple drawers open at once, causing the unit to tip completely over.

Often, these high density storage cabinets are completely impractical. Employees aren’t going to use them, which means your storage solution only creates more clutter in the office. These problems can be easily avoided by investing in a high-quality product from the get-go.

Before purchasing high density storage cabinets, ensure they have the following features:

● Anti-tilt mechanism
● Heavy-duty ball bearing runner system
● High load capacity
● Strong locking system
● Powder coat finish

At some point in the future, you’re probably going to want to rearrange your office space. Doing so will be a tricky task if your filing system is immobile. If the unit is too heavy and doesn’t have wheels, you’ll need to unpack all of your files, move the cabinet to your preferred spot, and reorganise your documents. What was meant to be a simple task could suddenly take all day.

Invest in high density storage cabinets that have wheels to circumvent this problem. Ensure, too, that the wheels can be locked to prevent your cabinets from slipping and sliding, which could be a safety hazard.

While you can purchase steel drawers from your local hardware store or office supply chain, you’re far better off shopping with a specialist storage solutions team. Not only will their products be the best on the market but they’ll be able to provide tailored advice about how to capitalise on your storage space.

If you’re in the market for high density storage cabinets, contact an experienced and professional storage solutions expert today. And look forward to an organised future!

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