What should you know before renting a Bobcat?

What makes us stand out?

For many years, Pro Excavation Geelong has become a trusted brand in the market, providing high-quality services. Our extensive machinery improving our attention to quality, reliability, and punctuality.

We are an established operator of bobcat hire geelong . Our reputation is great for connecting with local builders and landscapers.Pro Excavation Geelong takes pride in maintaining friendly and professional relationships. See our gallery of photos before-and-after to see some of the reviews we have received online.




A Bobcat operator can be described as a skilled occupation. Operators should be friendly and willing to give advice.

Expert Analysis

To have someone come to your job, you should contact a Geelong bobcat rental company. Non-destructive methods can quickly locate utilities. This can save you time and money.


This is crucial as it ensures everything is planned and coordinated. It’s vital that the Bobcat arrives in time.

The Scope of Work

Bobcats are versatile.

* Pool excavation

* Backfilling

* Ground clearance

* Site cleaning

* Rubbish removal

This machine is very narrow which allows the operator to reach hard-to-reach areas. To convert a Bobcat into a forklift vehicle, a set of forks is possible. This is great for transporting building materials on pallets.

Contact us if you believe a Bobcat could help with your project. A skilled operator will ensure it happens on-time


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