What is VSCO Girl? Find out what the new fashion and new style of the Internet mean

VSCO Girls, or “VSCO girls”, represent a new style that has been successful among young people on social networks such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Also known as the “Tumblr Girls of 2019,” they follow a simpler, more stripped-down style than the aesthetic that has been successful on the social network in a blog format. Hairpins, metal bottles and Vans-branded sneakers are some of the elements that characterize the look of VSCO Girls, named after the photo editing app that inspired the trend.

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The popularity of the term has grown on social media and sparked the curiosity of users. According to Google Trends, an Internet search tracking tool, the search volume for the term “VSCO Girl” has been on the rise since August. On Instagram, photos tagged with the hashtag #VSCOGirl exceed 1.3 million – until this post is published.

1 of 3 VSCO Girl is a new photo-inspired style from the popular VSCO editing app – Photo: Marvin Costa / TechTudo

VSCO Girl is a new photo-inspired style from the popular VSCO editing app – Photo: Marvin Costa / TechTudo

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A website user who specializes in Internet slang Urban Dictionary summarizes that a VSCO Girl is “basically the most basic you can find”. It is worth explaining that being called basic (basic, in Portuguese), at least in the US, was an insult equivalent to being called “boring” in Brazil. With the wave of VSCO girls, however, the style has acquired a new connotation – and new accessories too.

In June, Atlanta-based youtuber Caiti DeCort released a video that transforms into a VSCO Girl. The production, which has over 1.4 million views, shows that Caiti has placed several tapes for (type of hairpin) on her arms, wearing Crocs, and sticking stickers on a metal bottle.

2 of 3 Videos where YouTube Caiti DeCort transforms into a VSCO Girl that went viral on the internet – Photo: Playback / YouTube

Video where YouTube Caiti DeCort transforms into a VSCO Girl gone viral on the internet – Photo: Playback / YouTube

“The word I would use to best describe [a tendência] is ‘essential’, because everyone wears the same clothes and the same garments,” he said in an interview with the BuzzFeed News website . “He was born out of nothing [ser uma VSCO Girl]. Now I see a lot of people doing this “.


The aesthetic takes its name from the editing application that inspired it, the VSCO Cam. Available for Android phones and iPhones (iOS), the app has become famous for its set of filters. While some effects are capable of giving photos to Vintage ▾ and clean , more vibrant ones help highlight the color contrast.

3 of 3 Searches for “VSCO Girls” have been increasing on Google Trends since August – Photo: Playback / Google

Searches for “VSCO Girls” have been on the rise on Google Trends since August – Photo: Playback / Google

VSCO has its own community, and it was in this space that girls from the app started sharing their photos, marked with poses that look like spontaneous and popular filters in the app like F2, G3 and M5. It didn’t take long for the VSCO Girls to leave the niche they emerged in to explode on Instagram.

The girls have also been successful in the TikTok app for video and voiceover, in which they compete with e-girls calls , known as “the new emos”, and soft girls , who follow a more “cute” and soft style.


VSCO girls are defined by the clothes and accessories they wear. The pair “camisetão” and sneakers with socks on the shin are one of the most frequent combinations it seems – even more so if the shoes are from Vans, Adidas or Nike. Birkenstock sandals, like Crocs, are also among these girls’ favorite shoes.

In her hair, VSCO Girls uses spring colored rubber bands and ribbons for , famous hairpins in the 90s that came back into fashion as “VSCO Girl showers”. Neon parts , another element of the 90s aesthetic, has also been incorporated into the new girls’ style .

Handmade bracelets, shell necklaces, metal bottles and backpacks with simple prints are among the accessories that complete the “fashionistas” watch collection. A montage that includes the objects most used by these girls went viral on Instagram and exemplifies the “basic kit” of VSCO Girl:

Just like the other aspects of Guarda , these girls’ makeup also follows the baseline. “I never see girls considered VSCO Girls who do a lot of makeup,” Caiti BuzzFeed News said . “I would say it is very light, enhancing the natural characteristics,” she added.

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