What are the benefits of the best mixer grinder under 2000?

Choosing the best mixer grinder under 2000 is not an easy thing to do. The process can take days or weeks of research, deliberating and comparing hundreds of products available. If you want to make the right purchase, it’s important to stay informed about what features are most important for you. This article will help you decide which mixer grinder under 2000 is best for your needs. I will start with the very basics of choosing a mixer grinder so that you can understand it better. The most important point to consider while choosing it is that you should choose according to your requirements because you will get a pretty decent quality product in this price range.

What is a mixer grinder? 

A mixer grinder is an appliance with a juicer, blender and a food processor. Most of us need this one appliance to perform these functions. A mixer grinder has so many advantages over the individual appliances that you may need to replace all three with one device. It saves space, money and time for many of us. But before starting the comparison check out some of the features you may look for in a mixer grinder. The following are some of the benefits of a mixer grinder that you may consider:

Mixer Grinders are Fully Functional: 

It is much cheaper to buy and operate a mixer grinder than buying and operating each appliance separately. You can pre-chop vegetables, make dips, liquors or dressings for recipes, blend ingredients to make them easier to digest or perfect them by creating different textures, etc . . . all with one device.

The best brands: 

For those who like to have branded appliances in their kitchen, Bajaj and Preethi are the best brands you can choose from here. On the other hand, I suggest you go for Panasonic, it’s a very powerful brand & due to its popularity, they also manage to maintain their price quite reasonably.

Good quality material:

The best mixer grinder under 2000 and blades are made of stainless steel, which is a good choice because many mixers come with plastic blades and chips very easily. The motor is a powerful one and has a 250 watt capacity. It also comes with two jars along with two lids.

Easier to clean: 

The mixer grinder comes with two jars in which you can grind your ingredients in any proportion. The jars are easy to clean, the blades can be removed for thorough cleaning and that’s the main thing about this product i.e., it doesn’t take much time to clean up after use compared to other products available in the market.

Low noise level: 

Though the mixer grinder comes with a powerful motor, it’s very quiet when it runs. You won’t be disturbed by any noise during the entire grinding session.

The best in the category: 

One of the best mixer grinder under 2000 and comes with a powerful motor, two jars in which you can grind your ingredients and two lids. It’s one of the best mixers grinder under 2000 available online today. Besides these benefits, it also comes with other useful features perfect for your kitchen.

What is the use of the best mixer grinder under 2000? 

A mixer grinder is a multi-utility kitchen appliance with several uses in the kitchen. You can use it for chopping, grinding, and mixing ingredients. This saves you a lot of time and effort compared to using an individual appliance to do the same work.

To chop vegetables:

A blade at the bottom of the hopper chops vegetables such as carrots, onions, potatoes, etc., into small pieces. The finely chopped vegetables are then transferred to a jar with ease by using a pusher provided on top of the device.

To grind spices:

You can grind dry masala powders such as coriander powder and red chilly powder into fine powder form with ease. The device has a grinding jar and a stainless steel grinder blade that make precise grinding possible.

To mill spices:

Using the same process mentioned above, you can also mill your dry masala powders into fine powder form.

To mix ingredients:

You can use the device to mix dry ingredients such as flour, powdered sugar, corn starch, salt, etc. with ease using the mixing jar provided with the mixer grinder. You need not worry about spillages if you are using it for mixing purposes; the jar is made of tempered glass and is resistant to moisture and stains.

To chop, grind and mix ingredients:

You can use the jar provided to grind spices and herbs into fine powder form. The same jar is used to mix the ingredients after grinding them. The mixer grinder also has a pusher at the top of the jar, which transfers ingredients from the jar to your mixing bowl.

To make hummus or chutneys:

You can use this appliance to make different chutneys. Such as mint, coriander and lemon chutney without any difficulty at all. Since you don’t have to worry about whether you have completely blended all ingredients into pulp in your food processor or blender.

Is a mixer grinder under 2000 worth to use? 

Ofcourse, yes! Some mixer grinder for the past 1 year serves all my purposes very well. I like the best mixer grinder under 2000 because of its unique design and compact size. It comes with 2 stainless steel jars, BPA free and tempered glass. It has a powerful motor of 250 watts and is a very easy to use device. You can use it in 3 different settings i.e., wet grinding, dry grinding or milling (in between wet & dry grinding). This is also very easy to clean up after use because of its two removable jars and blades. You can also store your chutneys, herbs and spices in the jars without difficulty. It’s easy to use and clean up both. So even though this is a low cost mixer grinder compared to other brands. It has many good features which make it worth spending on this product.

Final Words: 

Mixer grinders are a handy kitchen appliance and can use for varied purposes. But the question is, which of them is the best mixer grinder under 2000 and which one to choose? Choosing a mixer grinder among the many brands available is not an easy task. However, if you decide to buy it online, you can save some money and get some good offers. There are many mixers available in the market, so if you want a single appliance that fulfils all your needs. You need to look for one that offers all those functions at once.

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