Joining a website monetization platform has nine advantages.

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Partnering with a trusted website monetization platform can be one of the best ways for your site to be monetized. These are eight benefits to joining monetization platforms.

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1. Increase Ad Revenue

You should aim to make the most of your advertising space in order to make money online through website monetization.

This is how header bidding works. This allows your ad inventory to be more easily accessible, which increases your ad revenue.

2. Partner with a monetization company

It can be expensive and difficult to set up your own header bidding system. It is also necessary to develop relationships with premium demand partners (SSPs, ad exchanges), which can prove costly for small to medium-sized publishers.

Are you able to set price floors, create blockslists and create tags? Next, you will need to repeat this process for 15 other user interfaces. It can take months to complete even the most basic tasks. Website monetization platforms make it simple to quickly acquire and manage the most advanced header bidding technology. Partnering with a platform can make this possible.

3. Technical Knowledge

Digital publishers lack IT and staff skills. Digital publishers face the greatest risk when making money from their websites. They don’t have enough IT or team experience. Badly placed tags can cause ads to appear unreadable or cropped. Website monetization platforms can handle technical issues and make sure you are ready for industry changes as well as new regulations.

4. Support

Every client is assigned an Account Manager, who assists them in accessing cutting-edge technology. You will have a dedicated Account Manager who can assist you with any aspect of the partnership, such as tag placement, ad size, placement, or any other issues.

5. Placements and formats that work best

Before you choose the best ad formats, placements or sizes for your website, it is crucial to thoroughly assess it. This will ensure your website receives the best results. For websites with scrollable content, such as this one, you will get ad placements that have a high rate of ad viewability and eCPM. Also, sticky or anchor ads, which are more effective, can be used to increase your website’s visibility. An evaluator will assess your website and recommend the best solution.

Website monetization platforms offer many digital ad formats. This includes the instream widget for desktop and mobile. This allows you to keep users on your website for longer periods of times. To provide the best user experience, it is important to balance content and ads.

6. Anti-Malvertising

Ad fraud is expected to cause a loss of $35 billion to $50 billion annually in the global advertising industry. Malvertising can result in publishers losing revenue, but bad ads can slow down your site by 34.4 per cent.

Web monetisation company provides protection against malicious web trafficking. Bad ads don’t cause publishers to lose money, slow down pages, or harm their brands.

7. Refresh

Ad refresh is the practice of refreshing ads that were displayed before for active users. It does not require the user to reload the page. This allows publishers to earn additional advertising revenue per session.

Refreshing only visible impressions is the key to an ad refresh. Good ad refresh algorithms consider user behavior. It refreshes ads only when publishers are benefiting and without decreasing the average CTR. AdSense alternatives may also be possible, since Google AdSense doesn’t support ad refresh. AdSense alternatives might be available.

8. Analytical Reporting

Website monetization is a process that requires constant monitoring and optimization. You can use the Website Yield Formula, or an ad revenue calculator provided by a web monetization company to estimate your earnings. This will calculate the relationship between various variables like the number and the number of sessions per session.

9. Efficiency with time and money

Publishers are now able to focus on what they do best, creating high-quality content and automating repetitive tasks. A monthly fee is much cheaper than managing a dedicated team.

Large publishers will be able to optimize their direct campaigns through programmatic demand with the help of web monetisation companies, which will lower the development cost by at most 90%.



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