Water Damage Claims

Water damage can cause serious damage to your home and livelihood. It is crucial that you handle your flood or leak damage insurance claim professionally. documenting and presenting the damage to your insurance company.

Water damage can take many forms, such as flooding or a burst pipe. Water damage can cause more damage than just the immediate visible damage. It can also damage your flooring or carpets, as well as your wallpaper or plaster. Our experts will identify water damage insurance claim ireland beyond what is visible. This includes water damage to the structure or fabric. These problems may not be identified during the assessment, which could result in your claim entitlement being underpaid. This could lead to costly repairs and possible risks to your safety and health.

Floodwater damage to your home may have caused contamination, and this will require expert attention. It is important to thoroughly clean and dry your property before you begin any remedial repairs. This will ensure that long-term damage can be identified and properly repaired. Insurers often fail to recognize serious damage or long-term risks in their critical assessment phase. This can lead to your health being compromised and could leave you with no future income.

We can help you organize emergency repairs, as well as implement safety measures such boarding windows and entrances and emergency electrical work, as part of your flood damage case. We can help you find alternative accommodation or secure interim payments from your insurance company for the cost of a hotel.

Support and advice at the most critical moments

We provide a comprehensive claims management service to help you manage your insurance claimWe also work professionally with your insurer to reach the best possible insurance settlement.

You can use our services at any stage of your insurance claim.


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