Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

fire suppression system

A vehicle fire suppression system is a system that extinguishes fires in vehicles. It is typically composed of two parts: an automatic fire detection system and a fire suppression system.

The automatic fire detection system uses sensors to detect when a fire has started. Once a fire is detected, the suppression system automatically sprays the suppressant onto the fire.

There are many different types of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some systems use water as the suppressant, while others use foam or chemical agents. Water-based systems are typically less expensive and easier to install, but they can damage electronic equipment if not used properly. Foam-based systems are more expensive but offer better protection for electronic damage base fire. 

On-Road Vehicle Fire suppression system

More than a billion people rely on buses and coaches for transportation, but they’re not immune to the dangers of fires. Millions are exposed every day as part of their job or just living life in an urban environment where these types of vehicles operate frequently

Fires can be hazardous because you have little control over them  – They produce thick black smoke that travels quickly through ventilation systems making it hard (if not impossible)to see what’s going inside your vehicle at times.

The threat of a bush fire is very real and all too terrifying. The vehicles that are used for our transportation can quickly turn into burning infernos, with the help of their passengers’ oxygen supplies they’ll be able to flourish even more rapidly than if left unattended by professionals who know what steps must take place to contain these fires before tragedy strikes

Buses pose an incredible danger when it comes time to put out any kind of hazardous situation; this was made abundantly clear during recent events where three different buses were involved simultaneously across town within just two hours time span each day! Imagine how much worse things would’ve gotten had there not been experienced responders on hand.

Installing an Automatic Fire Suppression System for buses and coaches will provide you with an easy way to ensure that your passengers are safe. This certification has stringent requirements, but it’s worth the effort because installing this system means they can enjoy their trip without worrying about fires breaking out!

The latest research from the leading transport authorities and fire protection agencies recommends that automatic suppression systems be installed on buses, coaches & other vehicles to reduce the risk of human life.

The installation of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems on Buses and Coaches is an excellent way to try to reduce the risk to human life. Detailed investigations from leading transport authorities & fire protection agencies promote this advanced technology, which can be found in most modern bus shelters today as well!

The wide range of approved systems available means that we can help you meet any requirements for accreditation or regulatory compliance. We have P-Mark SPCR 183 and UNECE Regulation 107 in mind, but there are many more out there with high pass marks!

The fire protection system for transport vehicles is an essential part of preventing accidents that can cost lives and cause millions in damage. With over 800 fires being recorded each year, we must find ways to improve this aspect further!

The fire suppression systems are designed with an automatic system that will deliver the extinguishing agent as soon as it detects a possible inferno. This helps to minimize risk for passengers and keeps them safe, while also protecting other valuable items on board such as their luggage or belongings.

We understand that when you are protecting your on-road applications from fire, it is essential for these products to meet or exceed the same vehicle testing standards as they were exposed to. That’s just what we do!

Why Dry Powder

Our product range for On Road vehicle automatic fire suppression is not limited to just Dry Powder. We also offer a variety of chemical agents that can be used as an alternative or additional source in engine-fire interventions, depending on the requirements established by each company’s specifications and policies. 

The fire suppression system is designed to utilize a high-grade variant of ABC Dry Powder that has an ample amount of Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) and silicone coated for water repellency. This product can withstand extreme conditions, making it ideal in vehicle fires!

ABC Dry Powder can be used in place of water when fighting fires, and it’s an extremely effective way to protect your electrical hazards. It won’t conduct electricity so you don’t have any worries about dangerous voltage shorts while using this product!

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