Types of silk that can be used for pillowcases

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High-quality silk pillowscases will make you look and feel great. The silk pillowcase has a soft, luxurious feel and a rich weave. A all silk pillowcase is ideal for hot temperatures. High-quality charmeuse or mulberry pillow cases should have a 16-22 momme weight. This is how much silk you have. Silk with a low momme number will be delicate, while silk with a high mumme number will be stiff.


Crepe-de-chine is a lightweight, soft plain-weave fabric with a unique crimped texture and a muted sheen. There are two other types: the Moroccan crepe and the georgette crepe. Crepe de Chine, a light fabric with great drape, can be made from lightweight material. This fabric is great for summer dresses, blouses and camisole tops.


This silk is double-thread and tight-woven. It has a crisp texture. This fabric is durable and strong with a shiny finish. The warp and the weft are made with different-sized threads. Black specks are part of the weave. Since the beginning of its life, this is part of the silkworm’s cocoon. Shot silk is a type that has a lot charm and character. You can create shot silk by weaving two colors of thread together. Dupion can be used to make elegant jackets or dresses, as well as evening wear and bridal wear.


Georgette is a sheer, plain-weave fabric. It is made from very tightly twisted yarns. Although Georgette is not the same as Chiffon, its characteristics are very similar to Chiffon. Georgette silk is wrinkle-resistant with a lovely drape. Georgette silk is a popular choice for making dresses, blouses and evening gowns.

Mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is a great fabric due to its long fibres. Mulberry silk can be used to create pillowcases that are both strong and soft. Mulberry fibers are made from silkworm cocoons. This is what gives silk its natural texture and natural characteristics. These threads can be dyed to make a fabric that can be used for pillow covers. Mulberry silk pillowcases are waterproof and stain-resistant. It is stylish and durable.


Fine sheer fabric with a texture that is similar to silk. Chiffon silk is composed of fine threads that have been twisted together. It is flexible and light. This fabric can be used to layer and make things appear larger. A chiffon overlay is a common feature in wedding dresses and other special occasions. It creates a flowing, beautiful look. This can be used to make a blouse or scarf.

Silky charmeuse

Charmeuse silk, a luxurious fabric, makes pillowcases feel expensive. The front fabric has a satin sheen and the back fabric is matte, also known by crepe back. Charmeuse’s shiny finish adds sparkle and shine to your headboard. Charmeuse pillowcases should be 100%, rather than plain weaves made from pongee. Charmeuse pillowcases come in rich, luxurious colors. Because they are smooth, they feel soft and breathable.

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