Travel with Medicare Advantage

Travel with Medicare Advantage
Travel with Medicare Advantage

Travel with Medicare Advantage

Travel with Medicare Advantage, If you travel regularly, make sure you’re covered in case you need care while traveling. Medicare Advantage plans generally have a service area, so certain plans are only available to people who live in certain areas. Also, networks of health care professionals may be restricted to the plan’s geographic area, but there are exceptions.

Some Medicare Advantage plans focus on more than one region. So, there might be a plan for you even if you spend the summer in New England and the winter in Florida. Be sure to do some research to see if there are in-network doctors at both locations. Just because you travel regularly doesn’t necessarily mean Medicare Advantage isn’t for you.

Some Advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

Lifestyle Coaching Programs: Talk to a health coach about achieving goals, like managing stress better, quitting smoking, or improving your diet.

A multidisciplinary care management team – connect with the right resources, coordinate your benefits, and have a better organization of care.

Online tools and resources: Find guides to making healthy choices and managing the disease.

The Three C’s of Medicare Advantage: Cost, Coverage, and Convenience

Medicare Advantage bundles the benefits of other parts of Medicare (plus some extra benefits) into one plan. So it helps you with the three “Cs”: cost, coverage, and convenience.

However, Medicare Advantage plans aren’t necessarily for everyone. So you will have to do some research. Check to see if there is a Medicare Advantage plan in your area that fits your goals.  

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