Tracking GPS vehicles can be beneficial for businesses

Would you like to install GPS vehicle trackers for your business vehicles?

While employees might not like the idea of a GPS tracker device being used to track cars and vehicles, there are many benefits for businesses.

Drivers won’t get as many calls, and their productivity will rise

Drivers must be reached for information regarding pickups, deliveries, and service calls

Having all company cars displayed on one map can save you time and reduce unnecessary calls. If one driver is not available, a nearby driver may be able to pick it up.

This will improve productivity, profitability, and reduce driver calls.

Customer Services

Customers don’t need to be notified about approximate times by main offices. Customers can be notified within five minutes of pickup and delivery times.

Customers who call to request urgent items should inform your staff that the driver is only 12km from their home and should arrive within 10 minutes

Impress your customers with your speedy and precise service

Safety and Health

It can be difficult to find your field staff, especially in bad weather.

Another problem with GPS tracking is that it can be difficult to reach the driver. It is possible that you won’t be able reach the driver, even if it takes a while.

Rapid vehicle recovery

In an emergency, the GPS device can quickly locate and retrieve your vehicle.

Less expensive insurance

Insurance agencies are well aware of the many benefits that vehicle recovery can bring and will offer significant discounts on your premium

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When your vehicle is parked at your office, depot, or yard, you will be notified via SMS or email. Check if it was stolen or moved.

Less paperwork

Sending location data to GPS vehicle trackers takes approximately 3-4 minutes. This function allows for you to view daily kilometers and replace paper logbooks.

Get instant access to speed, distance and mileage reports with just one click.

Maximize Your Business

This report function will identify under- and over-used vehicles. This will help you improve your business efficiency.

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