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COVID-19 has forced companies to change the way they work, and it’s not easy. For example, remote working is a great new idea that may take time for employees of any company to get used to because there are many different ways you can do this endeavor from your house or an office space elsewhere in town!

The benefits of remote working are many, but what about when you’re not in the same room as your coworkers?

In this article, we’ll explore how communication can be difficult on projects where people work from different locations. We’ll also look into some tips for making sure everyone feels connected and involved with project discussions no matter where they happen to find themselves…

When you’re working from home, the quality of communication between team members can make or break a project. And let’s face it – sometimes our bodies are in front! If we want to get anything done efficiently and effectively without wasting time on small talk at meetings (which is pretty timeless), then learning how to communicate with each other well over text messages/emails will help us accomplish more goals faster than ever before.

The 5 Best Tools for Remote Work

LEAD is a company that helps you build trust and friendships in your workforce. From casual coffee meetups to peer learning, and mentorship programs for new hires on the job — LEAD fosters employee engagement by serendipitously connecting employees across teams departments, and distances! They’ve made millions of introductions helping thousands of remote teammates connect through their app or website, leading them into relationships all over Harvard University, including hundreds of companies such as LinkedIn .

2. Slack

Slack is a chat/channel communication tool that can keep everyone connected. It’s easy to use, with user-friendly interfaces for every platform imaginable – even your phone! Slack also allows you to connect all of these different tools together so work doesn’t stop when one project ends or someone leaves their desk at home?

       3. Zoom

Zoom provides high-quality video conferencing for meetings with up to eight participants at once. With the free plan, you get 40 minutes of conference time while Pro subscribers can enjoy all these features plus webinar hosting capabilities – making it an excellent choice if marketing fields are something that interests your business!

4. basecamp

With Basecamp’s simple interface and actionable task items, customers have been able to accomplish their priorities with ease. The Due dates & Calendaring tools help them set up a schedule for work based on urgency so that it can be completed quickly or at an appropriate time in order not to disrupt other important activities like sleeping! Finally, they’ve connected thanks to message boards which allow everyone on the team instant communication no matter where they are located – even when away from computer screens (or cellular phones). With these features included within one platform such as base camp, there really isn’t anything else out here quite like what you get value from paying monthly fees

5. Jira

JIRA is the perfect tool for any team using agile or test-driven development. It integrates seamlessly with other products in Atlassian’s ecosystem, like BitBucket and Confluence to make software release management quick and painless!

  1. Qik-chat

The most advanced scheduling software for teams of all sizes to double their conversion rates by generating more meetings.  Lead management software benefits businesses at all stages of growth, setting you up for success by enabling them to keep a close eye on your leads at all times.

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