TOP 5 best water purifiers for washing for home and apartment

In the conditions of a variety of the same type of products in stores, it is difficult to decide which water purifier is better for washing. To eliminate the error, carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of the process. Knowledge of the functionality of the individual components and proper maintenance will come in handy.

See owner reviews for more information. The rating of water purifiers for washing will help you get acquainted with the parameters of models that have received positive ratings from experienced professionals.

Pros and cons of reverse osmosis systems
The main advantage of the technology is the high level of filtration. Only water molecules pass unhindered through the main working unit of osmosis. The membrane traps microbes, dissolved chemical compounds, and other impurities hazardous to health. The quality of cleaning is no different from distillation and is much better compared to boiling.

The disadvantages of the method are due to the limited permeability of the membrane and the design of the main part – rolled into a roll of special material:

impossibility of removing the delayed impurities by washing;

maintaining a certain minimum inlet pressure to maintain planned efficiency;

Slow processing speed

removal of healthy minerals from the water;

Secondary infection of the reverse osmosis system during long periods of inactivity.

Pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) of reverse osmosis

The problems noted are solved by the following components:

pre-filtering with a set of cartridges;

Blocks of specialized processing – mineralizer, UV-sterilizer.

To remove residual impurities and odors, the standard kit is supplemented with a finishing cartridge loaded with activated carbon. In addition to the pump, to increase productivity, 2 membranes or a more expensive analogue are installed, which provides a high fluid flow rate without compromising the quality of cleaning.

Rating of the 5 best water purifiers for washing
Let’s study the best water purifiers for an apartment (private house) for washing. The technical characteristics of the presented models will help you choose the best equipment option, taking into account personal requirements and preferences. Pay attention to the complexity of installing a water purifier under the sink and the features of operation to avoid unnecessary difficulties and unforeseen costs.

Aquaphor Morion
Aquaphor home water purifiers are designed using reverse osmosis technology. A feature of the Morion series is the installation of an original water tank. The special design and mode of operation of the storage tank make it possible to reduce water consumption by up to 6000 liters per year compared to a typical solution. In expensive versions, the equipment is improved with productive membranes that provide a processing speed of up to 120 l / h. The built-in pump allows you to connect to the line with a pressure of 1.4 atm.

Flowing drinking filter Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion
14 999 ₽ *
Flow-through drinking filter Aquaphor DWM-312S Pro
9 350 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Aquaphor Osmo 50-A
9 950 ₽ *
Flow-through drinking filter Aquaphor OSMO Pro 100
11 299 ₽ *
Water purifier for washing brand Aquaphor Morion

All parts of the set are fixed on a power frame. Some models are equipped with an electronic unit that performs flushing according to a set time schedule. Indicator devices help to install new replaceable modules in a timely manner.

Installation of a water purifier under the sink Aquaphor is offered free of charge in the territory of the corresponding branded service center. Performing work by professionals prevents errors, preserves the official manufacturer’s warranties.

Aquaris 1000
Only for the kitchen, this option would be a redundant solution. This Aquaris model handles up to 1000 l/h, so it is better suited for installation in the main pipeline with 1-2 people living.

The hollow fiber membrane of the working module will not let in microbes, suspensions, other impurities with sizes from 0.01 microns. Reliable protection will prevent clogging of connected equipment, extend the life of taps and other components of the water supply system.

Aquaris 1000 hollow fiber membrane fine water filter

This membrane, unlike the reverse osmosis unit, can be washed. The procedure is performed repeatedly without deterioration of the filtering properties. The resource according to the passport is 500,000 liters. This feature provides significant cost savings. An elementary calculation confirms the reduction in costs to 90 thousand rubles. for a year or more compared to cleaning with cartridges.

Geyser Prestige
This series presents water purifiers for the kitchen under the reverse osmosis sink, assembled according to a typical scheme.

Flowing drinking filter Geyser Prestige 2
5 750 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Geyser Prestige-2
6 850 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Geyser Allegro
9 699 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Geyser Prestige Smart
12 999 ₽ *
Flow-through drinking filter Geyser Nanotek
13 299 ₽ *
Reverse osmosis water purifier Geyser Prestige

The standard package includes:

storage tank (12 liters) with a flexible partition;

faucet for purified water;

· flexible connecting tubes;

Bracket and fasteners

· a tee with a valve for connecting drains to the drainage;

· cases with cartridges for preliminary cleaning;

· the main block with a semi-permeable membrane.

In expensive models, equipment is provided with a mineralizer, pump, and other additions. The most productive water purifier for washing Geyser will prepare up to 200 liters per day. Permissible inlet pressure is not less than 2 atmospheres.

Barrier Profi Osmo 100
A classic reverse osmosis kit is a budget option for reproducing technology without special additions. The compact storage tank with a total capacity of 8 liters can hold up to 6 liters of treated water. There is no pump, so the pressure in the line for correct operation must be at least 2.5 atm.

Flow-through drinking filter Barrier WaterFort OSMO
13 099 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Barrier Profi Osmo 100
13 299 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Barrier Profi Osmo 100 M
16 499 ₽ *
Sink cleaner Barrier Profi Osmo 100

Cartridge housings comply with the SL10 standard. This means that you can choose to install alternative products from other manufacturers with an affordable price. Impurities up to 1 micron are retained by pre-cleaning to reduce the load on the main unit. The resource of typical modules is 5000 l.

New water Expert Osmos MO600
In this series, the manufacturer offers reverse osmosis systems with a set of cartridges installed inside a common plastic case. This aesthetic module does not have to be hidden in cabinet furniture.

Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda TO300
5 799 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda OU380 Start Praktic Osmos
5 899 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter New Water Econic Osmos O300
7 599 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda OU500 Praktic Osmos
9 599 ₽ *
Flowing drinking filter New Water Praktic Osmos OU510
10 399 ₽ *
Flow-through drinking filter Novaya Voda Expert Osmos MO510
11 199 ₽ *
Flow-through drinking filter Novaya Voda Expert Osmos MO520
14 399 ₽ *
Excellent brand water purifier New water Expert Osmos MO600

In addition to the improved look, the manufacturer focuses the attention of potential buyers on the following advantages:

high-quality Japanese-made membrane with high productivity (270 l/day);

Maintaining a healthy state at low pressure in the supply line (from 0.5 bar);

mineralizer in the standard delivery set;

large storage tank – 19 l;

pump with a controller to maintain the nominal pressure and automatic flushing;

increased reliability – without damage, it will withstand an increase in pressure up to 45 atm.

Selecting this option makes it easier to solve individual problems. The self-closing design of the fittings ensures tight connections without additional seals. The cartridge attachment mechanism is convenient, allowing you to replace it without errors in a few minutes.

Let’s supplement the rating of the best water purifiers for washing with information about the conditions of purchase. The website of the CSN company provides data as of the date of preparation of the review for an operational comparative analysis and the price of water purifiers for washing for an apartment.

Prices for water purifiers on the DNS website at the time of publication of the article

Which cleaner is better to choose and buy for a house and an apartment?
The presented models are suitable for large and small properties. The decision is made taking into account the number of permanent residents and real needs. The exception is Aquaris. Instead of the considered option, you can choose a model with a capacity of up to 8000 l / h. This processing speed is sufficient to equip a large private house when installed in the main water supply.

User Reviews
Oleg, 36 years old, Saratov: I decided to save money when buying, I chose the cheapest Barrier kit with a reverse osmosis membrane. The quality of cleaning does not cause complaints, however, the clear water has become tasteless. If the pressure drops in the centralized line, the system does not work. I change cartridges more often than it is provided by the passport resource, since the repair of communications in an apartment building was done a very long time ago and there is a lot of rust. You will have to upgrade the kit to fix the problems found.

Peter, 56 years old, Naberezhnye Chelny: I put Aquaphor Morion in the apartment in a good configuration. During the year of operation, I will note the identified advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, the water consumption has decreased, I checked it according to the relevant meter readings. The pump works quietly, precisely maintains optimal pressure. The quality of drinking water is excellent. The list of disadvantages included the high cost of installation and high costs for regular replacement of modules.

Nikolai, 41 years old, Zelenograd: I have been using the Aquaris hollow fiber filter for 8 months. On the advice of the seller, I supplemented the standard system with flushing automation. How to install the system, I figured it out on my own according to the instructions. This decision made it possible to obtain high-quality industrial and drinking water without associated costs. I consider this cleaning option the most appropriate, taking into account the real operating costs.

Which companies provide services for installing a cleaner under the sink in the kitchen?
The accompanying documentation for each model has information on how to install the water purifier under the sink. But to perform individual work, you will need special tools and plumbing skills. Erroneous actions are accompanied by breakdowns of expensive components, provoke a violation of the tightness of the joints and other troubles during operation.

Eliminate the noted problems with the help of professionals. Relevant services are offered by specialized divisions of the CSN branded trading network. In some situations, installation is free of charge. You should make sure in advance that connecting the system yourself does not violate the manufacturer’s warranty obligations.

Conclusions and recommendations
Choose a water purifier for washing using a comprehensive analysis of the important factors presented in the publication. Add pre-coarse filtration to the kit to reduce the load on the main working unit. For a correct financial calculation, take a period of at least 5 years to take into account all associated costs. Contact the experts if you need a qualified solution to a complex problem.

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