The scam of “We Buy Any House”

we buy any home

Selling a house is a difficult and frustrating task. What is a “We Buy Any Home” company? Many companies offer a “we buy any house” service. These companies will offer cash offers of up to 85% of the property’s value. These companies that “we buy homes” are legitimate. Many of the UK’s “we buy any house” companies are legitimate. Fraudsters and scammers will always exist.

All “we buy houses” companies that are legitimate should follow the following guidelines:

  • Once you contact us, we will pay cash for your house. The company will handle all transactional administration.
  • You should have your legal expenses covered by your employer
  • Please allow one month for completion
  • Sale will close at the time agreed

Scams concerning ‘we purchase any house’

Any house that has been swindled will be purchased.

Avoid these scams:

Optional, locked in agreements

Scammers may try to trick you by promising to purchase your house and then locking the door to a contract. These options include assisted sales and lease options.

Fraud in lead generation

Some companies may not be able buy houses. Websites and landing pages generate leads that can be sold to others.

Hidden fees

Fraud is not accepted. They will ask for hidden fees in order to buy your property. Most companies that are legitimate do not charge upfront fees. They will also pay all legal fees.

Inaccurate Values

Companies that are looking to buy any property will use the value of their property to decrease its value and make them more likely to pay.

These are some tips to help avoid falling for the scam of “we purchase houses”

There are many ways to avoid falling for the “we purchase any house” scam.

Do not do business with any company:

  • Requires advance payment
  • Additional Fee
  • Will try to lock you down, or offer an option contract
  • Get 95% to 100% Off Your Property’s Value

    we buy any home

  • Do an investigation into a company
  • Companies House lets you check if the company interested in purchasing your property is financially sound.
  • The registration number must be displayed on the website.
  • Search for professional accreditations
  • The National Association of Property Buyers has been accepted into the Real ‘We buy any house’ and Property Ombudsman associations. These accreditations should be displayed on their websites.
  • Read the latest, independent reviews
  • You can also search online for verified testimonials and reviews.
  • or Google let you see reviews from customers. Verify that reviews are current and accurate.
  • Do not trust companies with negative reviews.
  • Multiple review within a short period of time could indicate false material.
  • Have you ever had the chance to get a great deal?
  • Avoid scams such as “We Buy Any House”
  • You should ignore any information you hear.

Don’t do business with companies that promise to sell your house for the highest price or close the deal quickly.

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