The process for laser hair removal in a nutshell

Laser hair removal technology can also be used to treat sensitive skin. It protects, soothes, and soothes the skin.

Experts recommend 6-12 sessions, spaced four weeks apart, for your first laser hair removal treatment. It will depend on your skin type and the location. Consult with one of our top laser practitioners in Glasgow to discuss laser hair removal in Glasgow.

Laser hair reduction has many benefits

Safe and efficient

Laserists are skilled in using commercial laser hair removal systems safely and effectively.

Permanent hair

Laser epilators for medical purposes are faster, safer and more reliable than any other method of hair removal.

Ingrown hairs can be reduced

Laser hair removal works by shining light on the roots.

This treatment is recommended for people with dark or fair hair.

Each section of hair is trimmed. Your doctor will prescribe the first 6-12 sessions at 4 week intervals.

Planning and Monitoring

Shaving: You must shave before you go to your appointment.

Do not epilate. The laser must know your hair color in order to give you the best treatment.

Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight for at least two weeks before the procedure. Sunscreen should be used frequently.

Be careful

Redness or pain may occur at the treatment site. After 3 to 5 days, the skin should be bleached.

Avoid certain situations

For the first 24 hours, avoid shaving, waxing, pulling out hair, or exfoliating. Avoid swimming and wear protective clothing.

Avoid direct sunlight for 2 weeks. Use a 14% glycolic scrub daily to protect your skin from sunburnt.

skin care

Glycolic scrub 144% should be used within 5 days of treatment.


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