The laser hair removal procedure in a nutshell: what is it?

The best laser hair removal in Glasgow

The sensitive skin can be treated using the technology of laser removal. All types of skin can benefit from the laser hair removal technology.

Experts recommend 6-12 sessions spread over four weeks to begin your first session. The quantity of treatment you get will be based upon the dimensions of your affected area as well as the shade of the skin. For more information about the best laser hair removal in Glasgow Glasgow, you must consult with one of our top laser therapy specialists.

Hair removal using lasers has numerous benefits

Effective and secure

Laserists are able to safely and efficiently make use of commercial laser hair removal tools. Laser treatment is suitable for people with sensitive skin since it works on light and dark hairs.

Permanent hair

Laser epilators are quicker and more effective than other method for hair removal.

Hairs ingrown may be removed

The laser light emits light to the root to eliminate hair. Lasers are a treatment option for sensitive skin.

The use of lasers is suggested for those with dark hair. A dermatologist will look at the skin of yours to identify the kind of hair you have before suggesting treatment.

Each section is utilized to cut hair. Your physician may recommend between 6-12 sessions based on the region and the shade of your skin.

Monitoring and planning

Shaving: Prior to going to the appointment it is necessary to shaving.

It is best to avoid epilating for longer than four weeks prior to the session. The reason for this is that the laser will have to determine the shade of your hair to provide you with the most effective treatment.

Do not expose yourself to direct light. Two weeks prior to the procedure Avoid direct sunlight for two weeks prior to the procedure.

Be careful

The pain and redness can occur on the treatment site. The area of treatment could experience discomfort or redness.

Beware of certain situations

In for the first 24-hour period, stay away from shaving or waxing or pulling hair out. Be sure to wear protective clothes and stay clear of swimming.

Do not expose yourself to direct light for two weeks. Make use of a 14% glycolic scrub a day to protect your skin from sunburn.

skin care

It is recommended that you apply Glycolic Rub for 14% for 5 days following treatment.



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