The Brand Power of the Ever-Changing Google Doodle

Google Doodle

The ever-changing Google Doodle has an immense reach and is constantly creating curiosity among its users. This has helped further cement Google’s status as a world-renowned company. Google’s Doodles are constantly challenging the brand rules and creating excitement. Read on to understand how this brand power can be harnessed for your own marketing efforts.

Changing look enhances brand power

Over the past decade, Google’s doodles have undergone thousands of iterations, celebrating everything from the birthday of a famous person (Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde) to festivals and civic milestones(Pacman 30th Anniversary). These doodles are also used to promote brand recognition, and have become popular with Google users. The Google logo has been used to celebrate the lunar eclipse, Italy’s Republic Day, Martha Graham’s 117th birthday, and more.

As part of the contest, entrants are required to waive their intellectual property rights, including any rights in their doodle, Google’s trademark, or Google logo. By entering, entrants grant Google a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, non-exclusive license to use their doodle for any purpose, including use on Google’s website and in print. Entries will not be returned.

Diversity in doodles

While Google has made attempts to be diverse in its workplace, the company has been under fire for underrepresenting women and minorities in its Doodles. Despite the company’s commitment to diversity, women and minorities still account for a small fraction of its 51 doodles. Nevertheless, Google is working to change this.

One way Google is making efforts to increase diversity in its workplace is to highlight diverse historical figures in its Doodles. Each Doodle is created several months in advance and often celebrates significant holidays or anniversaries. The company also wants to attract more women and minorities into its ranks. It hopes that by increasing diversity in its Doodles, the company can better reflect the diversity of the world.

Students have an opportunity to create Google Doodles for the company. In 2016, Akilah Johnson was the winner, creating a Doodle inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Johnson spent two weeks creating her doodle. Her winning entry shows Google’s commitment to giving a platform to political messages. In addition to women, Beethoven was also selected as the composer of the year.

Influence on design

The Ever-Changing Google Doodle has influenced design in a variety of ways. In addition to its unique appearance, it spread the idea of visual identity flexibility. For example, the Google logo could be designed to look like any brand, and its attributes could change according to its personality. This allowed users to relate to the brand more personally. One of the most famous Google Doodles celebrated a famous musician and inventor named Les Paul, whose name is also featured in the logo. The Google logo was played back a staggering 870,000 times during a 48-hour playback session.

Another example of the ever-changing Doodle’s influence on design is an evocative illustration of a grandmother reading to her granddaughter in Russia. The image was inspired by a poster from a vintage Russian era. The rainbow-hued doodle made a strong statement and was used as a campaign by Google. The design also included a quote from the Olympic Charter.

Impact on advertising

While the Ever-Changing Google Doodle may not have a significant impact on advertising, it may still have a beneficial effect on the perception of a brand. It shows a human behind the machine, which is incredibly valuable in today’s world, when technology is leading to more machines.

Google has a patent on the doodles and hopes to produce around 400 per year. About 50-100 of these will be animated and 12 will be interactive. Google has a team of people working on the doodles and hopes to have at least one new doodle released every day. However, Google will not share personal information, such as when its boss is away on business.


The Google logo has been undergone seven changes in the past 18 years. This has meant that Doodles have become a very important part of the company’s brand identity. In addition to the logo, the doodles are used as a symbol of celebrations and events. The Google doodle is now so essential to the company that they got a patent for it.

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