The best life insurance in Colombia


Life insurance is a protection to leave your loved ones money in case you die, or to protect your income in case of an accident or illness that disables you. But, what is the best life insurance in Colombia?

Below you will find 2 rankings with different criteria to choose the best life insurer in Colombia. You can select the entity you prefer, make a joint analysis of all the variables, and then make all the pertinent inquiries so that you make decisions with total security.

The best life insurance: the largest insurer in Colombia

  1. Seguros Sura S.A.

Depending on the moment of life in which you find yourself and the benefit you want to obtain, Sura has 6 options for you:

  • More Protected Plan: You are protected against the diagnosis of diseases or medical procedures, detailed in the Plan; protect your beneficiaries in case you die; bills with financial support if you are hospitalized as a result of an accident or illness; They give your beneficiaries a funeral aid to cover funeral expenses, in case you die.
  • Vive Plan: A superior plan with the same coverage as the More Protected Plan, except for the bonus for hospitalization and economic support in case you are diagnosed with serious illnesses. The Vive Plan can be purchased from 14 years of age and up to 70 years of age, in accordance with the subscription policies of Seguros SURA and the established medical evaluation criteria.
  • Su Capital Clásico Plan: allows you to start saving, while you are protected, with small installments that increase every five years. When you die, your beneficiaries will receive all the financial support that you define when you buy your insurance so that they can use that money and not lose their quality of life.
  • Extended Life Plan: Have you thought about traveling to another country for a season and being insured during your trip? Would you like to insure yourself only until your children are financially independent? If this or something similar happens to you, this plan is for you. With this option, you acquire insurance whose protection time is defined by the money you have to invest, which means that the validity of the insurance depends on the monetary amount you have, since it is purchased with a single payment.
  • Paid Life Plan: you have the security of being protected from your youth to your adulthood. If one of your purposes is to invest a sum of money that generates savings to strengthen your assets and, additionally, that covers your risks immediately, this is the best option. Keep in mind that if you are alive when this insurance ends (which ends at your 99 years), we will return the money you have insured. In the event that this is not the case, your beneficiaries will be guaranteed all the support money that you paid.
  • Life for All Plan: This insurance offers you a very complete plan with small insured values ​​and, therefore, low monthly payments. Your beneficiaries can receive from $5 million in the event of your death, so they don’t have to worry about assuming large expenses in difficult situations.
  1. Bolivar Insurance

In addition to all the features of a complete life insurance, Seguros Bolívar offers you other types of benefits, such as transportation to the airport, prenatal checkups, on the day of delivery and many more. You can also build capital through programmed savings to achieve your dreams or face an unforeseen situation. You can count on a comprehensive protection program that adjusts to the moment of life in which you find yourself with different backup alternatives.

  1. Metlife Insurance

They have a wide variety of options that we tell you below:

  • Temporary Life Insurance: Protects you in the event of death from any cause, hospitalization, total and permanent disability.
  • Whole Life Insurance: Coverage against death in case of accident and illness. In case of early termination of the insurance, the accumulated capital is returned to you, according to the table of surrender values ​​from the second year. You have the flexibility to increase or decrease the insured values ​​over time, and you will be insured for life once the agreed payment period ends.
  • Life insurance with accumulation and savings: In addition to being insured, you can save and count on the profitability of your portfolios. The savings value can vary monthly depending on your savings capacity and is available at any time. In the event of death or total and permanent disability, your beneficiaries will receive the insured value and the amount you have saved.
  • Life insurance with partial refund of premiums: It has a defined duration of insurance and, if it is not claimed once the time has expired, you can recover a percentage of the money you paid. Covers: Death from any cause including accidents and advance payment of a percentage of the insured value in case of diagnosis of serious illness.


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