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The hot massage tub has been used as a healing remedy since ancient times and it is a product that has evolved over the years. Since ancient times, human beings have considered that if we give some type of use to the water we drink daily, we can protect the population against many diseases. Today, hydromassage generates a craze relating to health and well-being that has gone around the world. As a result, spa therapy is receiving renewed attention in both medicine and tourism.

Balneotherapy is defined as the application of medicinal mineral water in the form of therapy, to which is added a massage effect by the projection of water by jets incorporated into the bathtub, thus adding effects of muscle relaxation, release of adhesions, analgesia, sedation, venous and lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow. It can also carry an aroma with different essences in order to lead the user to a state of maximum relaxation.


Today’s water jet massage has its origins in classical Greece and the Roman Empire. Later, in 1752, Tobias Smollet wrote an essay “On the External Use of Water” and thus the modern whirlpool system was born . High pressure water began to be used, directing it to any part of the body to treat a wide variety of conditions. Since the 1960s, hydrotherapy and massage have been consistently used as an application of alternative medicine.

The hydromassage bath is the result of the union of two treatments: hydrotherapy (use of water as a therapeutic element) and massage (pressure, rubbing or tapping rhythmically and with an appropriate intensity on certain parts of the body). Thanks to these two methods, a micropressure massage is generated, created by the union of different agents, such as temperature, flows and bubbles of water, adjustable in intensity, pressure and direction. The hydromassage can be carried out in hot water (33/38°C) or in cold water, depending on the result to be obtained.


The jacuzzi is a traditional bathtub equipped with jets, located on the walls of the bathtub. These jets project water under pressure at a recommended temperature between 33º C and 36º C and provide a massage on the parts of the body that you wish to treat.

The only difference between a jacuzzi and a whirlpool bath is the name. A j acuzzi is the trade name of a multinational of Italian origin, which has been applied to a whirlpool bathtub which, due to its great success, is better known by the brand name than in its real form. The Jacuzzi whirlpool bath was the first to be launched on the market. It was also of high quality and its impact was etched in people’s minds, making them believe that every whirlpool tub is aj acuzzi .

The hydromassage bathtubs are available in different versions, among which the retro style and those for babies stand out, so that the little ones in the house can finally relax in a bathtub for them too. You can find out more about these and other bathtubs in our Hydromassage web business dedicated to the sale and distribution of hydromassage bathtubs as well as hydromassage cabins, outdoor spas, hydromassage pools, wooden ofuros, wet saunas and dry saunas. Here you will find your perfect bathtub at a reasonable price.


Treatments such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, chocolate therapy, raindrop massage , hot stones, jacuzzi and sauna, are just some of the many methods to relax and take care of our body. in beauty centers and spas.

You meet and enjoy them whenever time and money permit, but you don’t always have the budget or the spare hours for a relaxation session in a pleasant professional setting.

Plus, sometimes all you need is some good music, candles, a glass of wine, and a few natural tools to prepare relaxing baths that will make you feel like a king.


This recipe is as old as Cleopatra herself, the Egyptian pharaoh whose legend says she took intense baths of milk and honey , thanks to which she was able to show off her precious skin, who, with her intelligence, conquered many people, including two emperors .

Let’s follow his example: pour two cups of milk or half a cup of powdered milk into the bathtub full of water, add half a spoon of honey.

Before entering the tub, brush your skin in a circular motion or use a scrub mitt.

Remember that for this type of bath you must only use the air pump and not the water pump, which prevents the milk from sticking to the internal pipes of the jacuzzi. Once the bath is finished, rinse the tub well.


The antioxidant properties of wine and the softening effect of champagne on the skin are excellent for cleaning pores and reducing expression lines. Just take a glass of one of these two drinks and pour it into the tub.


One of the best-known relaxation baths is made with magnesium sulphate , mined in the British town of Epsom. It is generally recommended for relieving muscle pain, reducing stress, softening the skin and improving circulation, as the body absorbs magnesium and this is beneficial. Just add a cup and a half to two of these salts while running the water in the tub. Another option is to use the well-known classic bath salts such as lavender, lemon or jasmine. Remember that, as mentioned above, for this type of bath you only need to activate the air pump.


Use chamomile to relax and/or de-inflammatory; mint or rosemary to revitalize and clarify the skin; green tea as an antioxidant; orange peel, lavender or rose petals, among others, which are excellent remedies for taking relaxing baths at home .

To taste them, all you have to do is prepare one or two cups of the infusion or herbs you prefer, making sure that it is well concentrated and filtered. Then you pour it into the water of the massage bath , at the same time you wrap the remaining herbs in a cloth and tie it with a hair band or a rope. Use it in the bath to scrub the skin before getting out of the tub.

Other things you can add to these relaxing baths are essential oils or bubble soap.

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