The 9 Benefits of Using Platforms for Website Monetization

One of the most efficient methods to make money from your website is to join forces with a reputable platform for website monetization. We’ve put together an eight-point list of benefits of joining platforms for monetization.

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1. Growing Ad Revenue

If you are looking to earn money online with web monetization, the aim should be always to increase the potential value of your advertising space, isn’t it?

This is exactly the way that header bidding works. This also allows your advertising inventory accessible to more users and will increase your ad’s income.

2. Partner with a monetization firm

Building your own bidding header setup could be lengthy and expensive. Furthermore, you’ll have to establish relationships with premium demand partner (SSPs or advertising exchanges) that could be too costly for smaller and mid-sized publishers to establish.

Are you ready to design tags, set price floors, and make use of blocklists? Then repeat the procedure for fifteen different user interfaces? Even the simplest tasks could take months to finish. A website monetization system will help you rapidly acquire and maintain the most sophisticated header bidding technologies. You can achieve this by using an online platform.

3. Technical Know-how

The majority of digital publishing companies aren’t equipped with the right IT and teams. If publishers begin earning money through their websites, one of the most significant risks is that they aren’t knowledgeable enough about how to go about it. For instance tags that aren’t set in the correct place could result in ads not showing up, appear cut or even break an interface for users. A platform for monetizing websites will address technical issues and ensure that you’re prepared for new developments in the field and the new rules.

4. Support

Apart from having access to the latest technology, each customer receives a personal Account Manager. A Account Manager assists clients with the placement of tags, ad sizes and placement, as well as any other issues that arise throughout the relationship.

5. Top-Performing Ad Formats and Placements for Ads

For the greatest outcomes from monetizing websites it is essential to conduct an in-depth analysis of the site and choose the most effective sizes as well as formats, placements and sizes. In particular, sites that have scrollable content can benefit from ads with a high percentage of ad visibility and eCPM, for instance anchor and sticky ads. A monetization platform will evaluate your site’s performance and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Another benefit of joining a that monetizes users is the wide range of ad formats for digital for use, including an in stream-based video widget on desktops and mobiles that helps keep visitors engaged on your site for longer. Furthermore, it is essential to find the right equilibrium between ads and content to ensure users get the most enjoyable experience.


6. Anti-Malvertising

Ad fraud is predicted to cost the world’s advertising industry around $35 billion by 2020, and $50 billion in 2025. Mal vertising causes revenues loss to publishers but it can also result in poor user experience since bad advertisements slow down your website by 34.4 percent, on average.

In the end one of the main advantages of monetizing websites is the ability to protect against malicious attacks. With a reputable web monetisation company, webmasters don’t need to be concerned about losing revenue from advertisements, slowing down their sites, or damaging their brand due to bad advertisements.

7. Ad Refresh

Ad refresh refers to the practice of refreshing advertisements that were previously displayed for users who are active, without having to reload the page. It allows publishers to generate additional revenues from advertising per user.

The trick to an ad refresh is to refresh only viewable impressions from ads. Therefore, an effective ad refresh system is one that takes into consideration the user’s behavior. It will only refresh ads when the advertiser benefits and does not reduce the average CTR. AdSense alternatives could be utilized as well, since Google AdSense doesn’t support ad refresh, therefore other monetization platforms can be referred to as AdSense alternatives.

8. Analytical Reporting

Continuously tracking and optimizing outcomes is crucial for web monetization. You can also use the calculator for calculating revenue from ads or the Website Yield Formula to determine the relation between different variables, including the number of advertisements per page as well as how many sessions each user has to calculate your profits.

9. Efficiency in the sense of time and money

Automating tedious tasks, platforms for monetization free time for publishers to concentrate on the core of their business, which is creating top-quality content. In addition, it’s cost-effective to pay a modest monthly cost to your monetization partner rather than pay for the expenses of managing an entire team.

With the assistance of web monetisation firms, major publishers will be able enhance direct campaigns using demand-based programming, which will substantially reduce the expense for developing such an in-house solution by minimum 90 percent.

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