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United Airlines says it will cease flights to and Taxi service from JFK next month if the federal government doesn’t allow the carrier to increase its operations at New York’s busiest airport, it has been reported.

United Airlines wants the FAA to approve more flights into and out of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, according to a report. Getty Images

The Chicago-based carrier, which is the third-largest domestic airline behind American and Delta, said that without more permanent slots, it cannot operate out of JFK  “effectively compared laguardia airport car service  to the larger schedules and more attractive flight times flown by our competitors,” including Jet Blue and American.

United currently operates just two daily flights from JFK to both Los Angeles and San Francisco. ASP via Getty Images

United currently operates just two daily flights from JFK to both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Airline expert Robert Mann said the operation is too small for the  Taxi service carrier’s threat to pull-out to be “meaningful.”

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“This is the same airline that complained bitterly a couple weeks ago about a few airline flights out of Newark destroying their whole operation, so it’s a little bit ironic… to come out and say we want slots that don’t exist at Kennedy so we can congest that operation and… [create] more delays,” Mann told The Post.“It’s a slot control at the airport, so they’d either be taking slots away from someone towards United or it would mean granting new slots, which…can be available to anyone not just United Airlines.”

the airline stopped operating out of JFK in order to concentrate on its presence at Newark. Getty Images

United pulled out of JFK and instead decided to concentrate on its local hub at Newark. When it left, it leased its 24 year-round slots to rival Delta.

Kirby, who became the airline’s top executive in has  quote as saying the move was a mistake. Since joining the company from rival American, Kirby has been sport and game keen on re-establishing and expanding United’s footprint in southeastern Queens.

Last year, United returned to JFK — citing demand from Taxi service  West Coast customers who insisted on flying directly into New York City rather than New Jersey.

JFK is the 13th-busiest airport in the country. It is also the largest terminus for international flights into and out of North America.

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Newark is one of United’s largest hubs. The company operates 69% of its flights there, which translates into 425 flights per day.

In June, United cut the number of its daily departures by Taxi service  around 50 in order to mitigate congestion at Newark.

Sarah Bradley, 50, of Greenwich, CT, was at JFK on Wednesday to fly to Sydney via San Francisco. She said United abandoning the Queens hub would be “a real pain.”

“It’s much quicker for  to get back home from her,” Bradley said. ““I already have flights booked from here for next month. On a personal note it would be inconvenient.”

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