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Nowadays, electronic products cannot be missing from almost any Christmas tree: many people treat their loved ones with smartphones, televisions, or even tablets, and smart devices regularly make the year-end shopping season skyrocket. However, it is important not to forget how important it is to secure smart devices.

Joy can easily turn into joy if the child drops the tablet or the new cell phone falls into the bathtub. 

Insurance of smart devices: Smart insurance from Generali

The telephone, television, laptop, and home theater system are often damaged due to clumsiness, for which protection is offered by the Smart supplementary insurance linked to the Generali Házárző home and lifestyle insurance . When does Smart AT&T insurance come in handy ? If you accidentally drop your tablet and it breaks. If you accidentally wash your smartphone or your pet chews on your laptop. But it can also come in handy if the plasma TV is dropped and damaged.

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What devices can you provide with a Smart accessory?

  • • Mobile phone, smartphone – device up to 3 years old 
  • • tablet, laptop, netbook, notebook – device up to 5 years old
  • • desktop computer – device up to 5 years old
  • • LCD, LED, plasma television – device up to 5 years old
  • • or home theater system – until the device is 5 years old.

Securing smart devices and reporting claims

According to Generali’s data, since the additional introduction of their Házőrző home insurance product, nearly HUF 200 million worth of claims have been received in connection with smart devices. And the most frequent damage event was the “broken gadget”.

Many people are not aware of the possibilities of damage settlement , even though it is important to know that the newly purchased technical items are insured even without amending the contract for the apartment. These objects are not included in the insurance per item , but per asset group, as household movables.

However, only damage events of basic risks apply to them, such as

  • damage caused by fire and lightning,
  • or burglary.
  • And if we don’t change the contract, underinsurance can occur. 

Therefore, it is worth taking out separate insurance for the most typical breakage damage affecting mobile phones, consoles, televisions and tablets .


however, it is important to emphasize that even in this case only the basic risks are insured.

If we already have home insurance and the family is enriched with a new, high-value smart device asset, it is worth changing it, so we can avoid underinsurance .

The psychological limit is different for everyone, but in general experts recommend that smart devices worth more than HUF 100,000 should be included in the insurance.

The amendment does not have to wait for the insurance anniversary either. You can notify the insurer of your intention right after the purchase .

A useful addition to all smart devices

Since more and more of us and more and more frequently buy electronic items for our homes, in response to market trends, special insurance elements are now available , with which we can get solutions that can be completely tailored to our own needs and our home.

In relation to smart devices , a really useful additional option is to insure against frequent damage due to breakage, but it is also worth taking out extended warranty insurance for gadgets and other household appliances and technical items .

In addition, in this case, it is not necessary to supplement our home insurance for each device , but all assets in our home can receive protection. At Generali, there are additional insurances –  Guarantee Plus, Guarantee Smart Plusz – which in the event of a mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown 

  • in the case of household appliances and entertainment electronics, until the product is 5 years old,
  • in the case of computing devices 3,
  • in the case of mobile phones, the insurance company pays the repair costs or device replacement up to 2 years of age.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that we use many new smart gadgets or electronic items that we do not even think of as assets , but their damage can still result in serious financial losses. Examples include e-book readers or home theater systems, which have also become our everyday companions, so their protection must also be taken care of.


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