Options for hardwood floors in Melbourne

Many hardwoods are now available from other countries, such as Australia and Brazil. These woods are highly sought-after.

Brazilian Cherry is a seasoned hardwood with a russet-to-reddish brown color and medium-to-severe grains. It is slightly less stable than red oak, and takes a longer time to adjust than other species of wood. However, it is more visible than the former.

Cork is available in many colors from light to dark and has a familiar grain unlike other woods. Cork is actually made from the bark of oak trees. Cork’s durability, sustainability and cushioning underfoot make it very popular. Retailers receive lots of inquiries about cork flooring.

Bamboo Technically, bamboo is considered grass. Bamboo is a hardy plant and therefore can be classified as a grass. Bamboo is extremely sustainable due to its rapid regrowth and has been popularized among “green” builders. Bamboo can be cut into mature trees in four years. The bamboo stalks have nodes that create the grain pattern, she says. Floor Sanding Melbourne offers wood flooring melbourne, which has many benefits.

Wenge is almost black in color and has become a popular accent wood. It can be difficult to cut and requires carbide tools.

Bubinga Burgundy, the African wood’s color, is its name. It is a very fine grain, which cuts easily. You can easily split it if you nail it with machine tools, so hand-hammering the wood is the best choice.

Another wood is the Sydney Blue Gum. Over time, it changes from a pink-colored spectrum to burgundy-red to medium-brown-red. Because of its hardness, it requires cutting with carbide blades.

These variations show that exotic woods respond differently to different installation and cutting techniques. It is essential to hire a professional who is familiar with exotic woods and its environment.


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