Cutting-edge car information: 2021 MINI Countryman: minor style changes, new technology features

With more and more people buying cars, then for the car information you certainly also need to know more, then I will bring you some of the latest car information today, I hope you will like so.

A few days ago, the overseas media revealed a new generation of Mini Countryman 2022 spy photos, this time it is in Scania for winter testing, the new car will be further growth in size, and the new generation of X1 shares the FAAR platform is expected to a new car will be officially unveiled in 2023.

The new generation MINI COUNTRYMAN is still heavily camouflaged, but we can still see some differences in the exterior styling. Firstly, the new generation MINI COUNTRYMAN looks longer, especially behind the C-pillar, and the whole body also looks more square to meet the headroom as much as possible. The front end is likely to be tweaked more, especially the front grille which will have a new shape, the headlights, although still around, will probably be different in shape and the design of the bumpers is expected to be completely new. MINI is only offering a small styling update for the model with a medium-sized update, which is the same as the updated 2021 MINI Countryman. Even noticing the styling changes may be difficult for you, but at least some larger technical updates exist on the inside.

The side of the car will be more visible as the windows become larger behind the C-pillar and its storage space will be further extended. The new car also uses newly shaped wheels. At the rear of the vehicle, the position of the taillights has been significantly changed and a different styling is expected. 2021 Countryman’s front and rear trim panels have been updated with a new grille and redesigned bumpers. countryman also now comes with LED headlights as standard and new Union Jack LED taillights at the rear.

Inside, previous spy shots suggest the new center console will also have a circular element, but this circle will likely be all one screen and there will be a full LCD instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel. Inside there is a new 5.0-inch digital instrument display and an 8.8-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. There are also new connectivity options, such as Amazon Alexa.

Powering the new generation MINI COUNTRYMAN will be a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a turbocharged 1.5T three-cylinder engine and electric motor with a maximum power of 322 hp (237 kW), in addition to the regular fuel version. There are no changes under the bonnet, meaning that the Cooper Countryman is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 134 hp, while the Cooper S Countryman is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder turbocharged system with 189-189. plug-in hybrid for Cooper SE has 224 hp and an 18-mile range, while the John Cooper Works Countryman makes 301 hp.

Car Owner Reviews:

It is very technological and well made. It’s much better than the BMW one series three series domestic Odor and noise: the smell inside the new car is acceptable, is the smell of a normal new car. It’s a good idea to open the windows more often. Instrument centre control: simulates the instrument buttons of an aircraft cockpit. A strong sense of high-tech, no one. The ambient lighting is even cooler! Unfortunately the center control is not a touch screen, only the 2.0T has a touch screen. The engine auto start-stop is not used to using it, every time after ignition you have to press the button again to turn it off. The interior of the car is not made of cloth, but leather, so it should be easier to clean.

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