This is not the end-Charles Milander. This is not the end – Inspirational Speech On Depression & Mental Health

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Charles Mailander gives us a short motivational speech to show that, no matter how anxious or depressed you may feel, there is always hope once the hard times are over.We must accept the difficult times in our lives. Once they are over, you’ll find joy waiting for you. The thoughts and beliefs that we hold on to can make us feel depressed. External factors can cause us to think certain things, so we need to change these thoughts and beliefs for positive changes to occur within. Charles Milander, a certified member of the International Coaching Federation, works with clients to determine their professional and personal goals, identify strengths and talents, and create work that is more meaningful and purposeful.

Be proud of yourself and work hard to improve your self-esteem. You will also help others to see the strength in themselves.

You can still have hope, regardless of where you are at this point in your life…

It is not the end.

It may seem difficult right now, I’m sorry.

If you are patient, it will get better.

Keep it up

For a while, stay with me…

This will be a temporary moment. If you commit to using the pain to improve your character and find a greater meaning for it, you will soon find that you can transform your life and help others who are going through similar struggles.

Right now, the world is facing a mental health crisis. (mental health life coach in ny)

It is estimated that almost half of the population has suffered from depression at one point in their lives.It’s not enough to join the chorus. We need to understand why we feel down and how we can change that. Because, despite our best efforts, negative emotions can be created.

Everyone gets depressed because of the CONSISTENT thoughts they have and the CONSISTENT beliefs they hold.

Let me repeat that.

Everyone gets depressed because of the CONSISTENT thoughts they have and the CONSISTENT beliefs they hold.

If I believe that I am fat, terrible, ugly, or unworthy of love, then I will be depressed.If I think that I must have a partner and make X money to be happy, I may get depressed if I don’t reach those goals.

This is because someone is feeling depressed due to an external factor (i.e ….). They have lost something or are unable to control it. The most common causes of depression include loss of a job, relationship breakdowns, nonexistence, body image, and comparison to others.

You can only get out of this mess if you work hard every day.  While we learn how to get a job in school, no one teaches us how to live in happiness. No one teaches how important our unconscious and conscious thoughts and associations are.

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mental health life coach in ny

Is happiness worth more than a job?


Before you think, “Happiness won’t pay my bills”, remember that happiness WILL pay your bills. When you make yourself a priority, then you can move on to the “stuff” in the world, you will be 10x more motivated, focused, and energized.

I have seen people who thought they had it all, end their lives because they didn’t believe they were good enough.They were unworthy of a thought or belief.

Many envied these people, and many were jealous.It is important to value yourself enough to make time every day to work on yourself. Engaging in something will make you a positive influence on the rest of the world.However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that life will be easy. You will face the same challenges in life, but your reaction to them will be different if you have a strong mind and are at peace. You will respond to the challenges with HOW CAN THIS MAKE IT WORK and not “Why is this happening?”Then others will look at you with hope and not pity. Your strength will be their strength.

That’s possible.

It is possible to forget the victim’s story and focus on your next reaction. What you will do is be positive.

Read. To get your mind in a positive space, read everything you can.

You can take steps to make sure you’re in a better place next time. No matter how much pain you’re feeling, there are steps you can take to prevent it from happening again.

Don’t give up

You are worth it

You are more than worth it!

You have the right to live a great life. To inspire others. They will see you and say, “He did it, she did. I can do it.”

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