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Text-To-Speech Software

Companies across different industry verticals are extensively using text-to-speech software. The solution converts text to speech and streamlines the customer communication process. It has become a highly reliable mode of client communication, so businesses are looking forward to connecting with reliable cloud telephony companies in India that offer the software at the best prices.

Knowlarity is a leading Text-To-Speech software provider in India that provides a feature-packed solution at competitive prices. The differentiator factor of the software offered by Knowlarity is that it produces human-like voices in different Indian voices and multiple languages. Let’s know about the capabilities of the text-to-speech Indian software offered by Knowlarity- a trustworthy name in the cloud-based market and understand how it can transform business communication and help businesses attract more customers.

Human-Like Voice: The text-to-speech Indian software produces a human-like voice that can engage the customers. Unlike the robotic sound of most automated voices, this software creates a near-human-like voice. It sounds more natural and is apt to communicate with the audience. It isn’t easy to attract the customers’ attention with a voice that is artificial and sounds robotic.

The customers will not understand the message and likely get irritated and hang up. So, a large number of businesses rely on the TTS- Text-To-Speech software to streamline their customer engagement process. They can count on the human-like voice quality of the software and connect better with their clients.

Pitch Control: The software offers a customisation facility. A business can customise pronunciation, volume, and pitch. They can also control the text and speech rate per the context requirement and offer to convey a particular message in the best possible manner.

So, with complete control of the voice quality, companies can communicate in the precise way they want to. It helps to bring consistency in the marketing campaigns as they can customise the voice quality of the text-to-speech Indian software and produce the same human-like voice to deliver high-quality customer support.

Increased IVR Options: The TTS software delivers customer support via an automated voice. IVR – Interactive Voice Response has become a standard technology that businesses have integrated into their call operations. The TTS software can add more IVR options to meet their unique business requirements. They can customise the IVR and let the automated voice read out the texts that will answer different queries of the customers.

Multi-lingual Support: The technology proves to be highly useful for businesses. They can use the automated human-like voice to communicate with the customers and make it speak in different languages. The TTS software covers an exhaustive list of vocabulary that helps businesses connect with their customers in their preferred language.

They can also converse in English, Hindi, and Indian accents. Companies serving Indian clients can communicate with their target audience in Hindi and other local languages and engage them better. Communication in the local language will provide a better opportunity to convert customers and improve the business’s profitability.

Better Customer Engagement:  Companies can set reminders for appointments, due dates, and notifications about upcoming events in the TTS software. It is a cost-effective way to communicate with clients. Businesses can actively engage with the customers, with the TTS serving as an assistant. It will automatically send reminders to the clients, and there is no need to allocate live agents for such routine tasks.

Customise Campaigns: Companies can customise the tone and pitch of the human-like voice produced by the TTS software. They can customise the speech and the voice modulation based on the product and service being marketed. They optimally use the TTS software to ensure that the text-to-speech India voice meets the requirements of their software. It will provide higher success for the campaigns as the customer engagement process will improve, and companies will be able to earn increased profits.


The human-like voice created by the TTS software is a fantastic technology businesses should use to save resources and make their client communication process more efficient. Moreover, the customisation capabilities are impressive, which allows companies to meet their unique business requirements.

If you are looking for the best and the leading text-to-speech India software, you can contact Knowlarity. It is a unanimous choice for cloud-based communication products at competitive prices.

The software provided by Knowlarity boasts customisable features and a high-quality voice in an Indian accent. It can be customised to create voices in other regional and international languages.

More than 6000 organisations in 65+ countries trust Knowlarity for its impeccable range of solutions, including the text-to-speech Indian software available at the best prices.

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