Install Nethunter on Termux

Install Nethunter on Termux
Install Nethunter on Termux

Install Nethunter on Termux

Install Nethunter on Termux, Once we have already granted the privileges to nethunter, now we must install nethunter in our termux terminal, to do this, within the termux terminal, type the following:


Once the installation begins, the program will start downloading the ISO, it weighs 1.5GB and it may take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the installation, you will have to be patient to let the installation complete successfully, the Installation time will depend on the performance of your mobile phone and especially your Internet.
Once the process is finished, it will ask you if you want to delete the download file, you must say yes (Y) so that it does not take up space. Since you will have it perfectly installed on your device.

VNC Server error fix

The way to solve the no matching vnc server running for this user error is by starting in our Termux terminal, in nethunter as the root user, for this, we must write the command:


Once we are root users, we must use the following repository to be able to correct the VNC Server error. In the terminal we write the following command:

git clone

When we are done cloning the repository, by entering the command:


We will see a folder that says tweakandtools, we enter the following command to enter the tweakandtool folder:

cd tweakandtool

We look inside the tweakandtool folder again with the following command:


You will see a file called tweakandtools-key-repair, you need to assign privileges to the file with the chmod command, type in the console:

chmod +x tweakandtools-kex-repair

If you have done it correctly, when you enter the < ls > command again, you will see that the tweakandtools-kex-repair file is in green color

Next, we execute the file by entering the following command:


Once the installation of Nethunter is ready, if the whole process has gone correctly, you will have to establish an access password, and make sure it has more than six digits. Then inside the Termux terminal type the following command:


Once you type your password, it will ask you to type it again to confirm. If it asks you if you want to make it read-only, you type No (n). In English, you will see something like Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)? n

Now you can start Nethunter-key, for this you must write the following command inside the Termux terminal

start kex

Once Nethunter is started in the Termux terminal, you will see a message that says New Xtirgervnc server ‘kali:1’ (root) on port 5901 for display:1. which indicates that we will use port 5901 to establish the connection with the nethunter.

Configuring Nethunter-key

Next, we must go to our Nethunter-kex application and start the application, in order to configure the access data. You will need to configure port 5901, exactly as you can see in the image. Then in connection settings, leave localhost, and in the username, leave it blank. In password, you write the password that you have previously established in the termux terminal and once everything is correct, you click where it says « connect «.

Starting Kali Linux on android

If everything is correct, it will automatically start the virtual environment of kali Linux in android and you will see an image like the one below.


When you want to close the session of your kali Linux on your android smartphone, you must go to the Termux terminal and write the following command:

stop kex

And every time you want to start your Kali Linux on your android, you just have to open your termux terminal, type the command

start kex

and once the start-kex command is started, you will have to open the Nethunter application, set the port, and your password, and click on “connect”.

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