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As a business, having an active Facebook presence is an obvious choice: it allows you to advertise your brand, connect directly with your customers, give your business a more individual voice, and stay in front of your target audience. Reaching your target audience on Facebook, however, entails more than just creating a business profile and publishing regular posts; you must persuade your fans to share your content.

According to a BuzzSumo and Buffer analysis of 43 million Facebook business page posts, Facebook page engagement has dropped by more than 50%. The decrease in engagement for businesses has been exacerbated by changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm, which favors posts from family and friends over posts from Facebook pages for businesses.

Shares, Likes, and Comments

If you want more interaction on Facebook, you should post comments. Comments can help your company appear more credible, and shares show how interested people are in the content that they are willing to share it with their friends, but comments show genuine engagement.

If someone takes the time to comment on your content, it shows that they are interested in it, which means Facebook will be aware that your content is generating connections and meaningful interactions among people. Your content is more likely to appear in your News Feed.

According to Adam Moresi, Facebook’s head of News Feed, “posts that inspire back-and-forth discussion in the comments and posts that you might want to share and react to whether that’s a post from a friend seeking advice, a friend asking for recommendations for a trip, or a news article or video prompting lots of discussions.” If you want to see more commenters, Facebook advises against soliciting them. “Using’engagement-bait’ to entice people to comment on posts isn’t a meaningful interaction, and we’ll continue to demote these posts in News Feed,” Messi said.–confluent-ccdak-pdf-questions

How Can You Increase Your Facebook Followers Without Using Bait?

Try the Following Strategies :

Obtain Genuine Feedback.

Inviting your followers to leave comments for no reason is a bad idea. Posts that request comments for legitimate reasons, such as seeking advice, suggestions, or assistance, are not penalised. It is acceptable to request that your clients share their most valuable advice about using their products as an example or how they believe the products and services you provide could be improved click here.

Make Use of Visual Content.

If it is not a highly engaging story or is not about a current issue, a post containing only text will be ignored. According to NewsWhip, which tracks social media engagement, videos account for 86% of the most popular Facebook posts , Photos account for 14% of them.

Ask Questions

The post is an excellent way to increase interactions and participation among Facebook fans. However, according to a HubSpot study, certain types of questions are more effective than others. HubSpot discovered that posts with phrases like “should,” “would,” “which,” and “who” receive the most comments. Those that include “why,” “why,” and “how” have the fewest comments.

Make an Emotional Response

Viral social media posts typically elicit strong emotions. Create posts that will astound your viewers, causing them to cry, laugh, or even become angry.

Upload a Photo and Solicit Captions from Your Followers.

Choose a fun or exciting image and let viewers come up with the most creative caption.

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