In choosing timber decking, what are the 4 most important questions to ask?

As soon as the sun is shining or it’s pleasant, we long to be outside in our gardens. We don’t want to be satisfied with sunblock or cocktails; we want to enjoy a cup of tea and soak up the warmth of the new year.

Our patio was our happy place. We now want timber decking. It is something everyone wants, everyone needs, and everybody has a use for it.

Even the most basic timber decking design can be expensive. How can you make sure your timber decking project gets off to a good start?

Make sure you know the answers to these questions before you get out the saw, hammer, and nails!

1. How big is your garden?

As with everything else, balance and proportion are key to great design. What is a tiny deck attached to large houses? It’s a large deck in a small garden. Dreadful! Maintain a healthy balance. If your house is large or has a large garden, you have more options. However, it is possible to achieve the same result with a smaller home and smaller gardens. You could also remove the entire garden and put in decking. It is possible to make use of every inch, which will not require any lawn maintenance and allow for ample space for entertaining and gardening pots.

2. What time of day is your timber decking being used?

How organized is your day? Do you have the time to be outside in the evenings? Is it important to be shaded? Shade is a good option if the sun can cause irritation to your eyes. You can plot the sun’s movements throughout the day to determine when shade is available. Place your timber deck exactly where you want it.

3. How will you use your timber deck?

Do you entertain friends or do you prefer to deck out your home for them? You could use it as a retreat, or to simply relax on a sunlounger away from your neighbors’ prying eyes. You could also use it as a play space for your children on play days or visits from friends. It doesn’t mean you have to include all options in your decking plans. It is enough to be aware. You will need to be aware of the different requirements for each use. You might need to install higher railings for safety and storage underneath the timber decking Melbourne for outdoor toys.

4. Where your decking ideas will be implemented

Consider the location where you want to place your timber decking. Are there many trees that produce lots of autumn leaves in the area? Is it likely that birds will roost, with all the mess and trouble that goes along with it? Will there be enough wind protection to keep you wrapped up in a blanket after all that hard work? What may appear to be a relaxing place to unwind in the backyard after 300 rounds of setting it up may prove to be a tedious task.

Planning your timber decking is not easy. These questions will help you avoid costly errors and maximize your timber deck.

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