I Want To Draw: Basic Exercises For Complete Beginners

Do you struggle to make a simple circle starting with the first step in every tutorial? Do you find that your straight lines continue to bend, no matter how hard or fast you try? Are you finding it hard to draw two points within a certain distance apart? Do you find your pictures looking wrong even after repeating every step of a detailed tutorial?

These problems might be due to poor simple drawing for beginners skills. Although these skills are apparent to anyone who has drawn a lot over the years, they are easy to forget after a few decades without having a pencil in hand. Are you ready?

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Break the Straight Line

Your problem is that you can’t draw a straight line/perfect circular.

Step 1

Straight line drawing with your hands is not real. It can only be described as a vector. It is possible to cheat by using a ruler but your hand will likely never be able draw a straight line. Even if your drawing is perfect at the beginning, you can make more mistakes the further you draw it. What does it all mean?

Even if drawing a line that is too long is nearly impossible, you can still draw lines using lines that are more suitable for your hand. Straight lines will always come out looking great, regardless of what tool you use. See the below picture. The picture will look closer to the original if the lines are shorter.

Step 2

Let’s pretend you want a flower to look like the one below. It is made of a straightline and a perfect round, as well as some curves with precise angles. It is possible to draw it slowly, very carefully, with your tongue sticking out and sweaty face. But… why? Drawing shouldn’t be a chore.

Step 3

Concentration is necessary for technical drawing (straightlines, perfect circles). It is about drawing things as they are. There is no room to express creativity or personal style. Style is all about diversity. Is that really what it is? Draw the same things exactly each time?

If so, then there is no tutorial. Because drawing–creation–is about keeping your hand relaxed while being focused on a final effect instead of creating a series of perfect lines. It’s important to understand how to be relaxed while drawing quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at how to draw this flower. Here are some simple rules to follow:

  • Divide long lines into small ones.
  • The curvier the lines, the more you will need them.
  • You should only touch the paper lightly.
  • Be quick!

Step 4

Wasn’t it great fun? If you narrow your eyes, it even looks quite done. Fill in the blanks with the missing lines. Remember the rules from the previous step.

Step 5

The pencil can be used to stress the lines. This step is optional. You can skip it.

Step 6

It’s done! Although it isn’t the exact same look as the original you can still see some style. A bit of your personal personality and a lot of work by your hands. It’s natural, and even looks better than the original. You can change anything if you break the rules!

Step 7

Now that you have mastered the art of drawing straight lines, what are you supposed to do next?

  • Divide the lines in to short ones.
  • Instead of using long, continuous lines to draw circles, use short lines.
  • Draw gently – your little errors won’t be obvious.
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