How to Use Instagram Video to Drive More Sales

How to Use Instagram Video to Drive More Sales

I’m thrilled to share another piece written by the brilliant Mitt Ray. This one is about the use of Instagram video to increase sales, both recorded as well as Instagram Live. Are you making use of Instagram videos?

If you are looking to make more sales through Instagram. You should start making more videos since they generate the most level of engagement on Instagram. After creating the videos, you should start considering to buy Instagram likes to enhance the chance of getting more eyeballs on your videos.

Types of posts on Instagram

Videos are less popular than photos on Instagram. Thus, creating videos won’t just increase your sales and engagement but also allow you to make an impression. Here are my top recommendations for using Instagram videos to increase purchases…

Nurture through engaging video content

In the event that you want to sell your product on Instagram, it is necessary to have to make videos that sell your products. However, before doing anything else, you must build a relationship with your followers and establish a connection with them. It is possible to do this by creating engaging and/or enjoyable content, as it can help your customers to appreciate and trust your brand. In turn, they are more likely to purchase your products in the future. It will also decrease the amount of unfollowing you receive. If you post numerous advertisements, users may be hesitant to follow you since they don’t want to be offered anything.

But, if you mix making informative and high-quality sales videos, people are likely to be content with some promotional posts. Also, make more non-promotional videos in order to keep your fans. I would suggest people create one promotional video for every 3 to 4 non-promotional ones.

One example of a business that recognizes the importance of not promoting content is BuzzfeedTasty. If you browse on the contents of their Instagram account, you’ll see that the majority of their posts are similar to the one mentioned above only shares recipes. They don’t even try or sell any product. This allows them to increase the number of followers and engagement. They do this in conjunction with the occasional posts of a promotional message to generate the most sales.

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Promote Products in Educational Videos

Another method you can employ to increase sales is to advertise your product in non-promotional videos. This is the time to create videos that give solutions to your customers’ questions and problems when using your product. They post videos similar to the one above through their Instagram account. The videos they post are mostly recipes that teach you how to cook healthy and dairy-free dishes since they’re a company that sells dairy-free milk products. Their target audience is made up of people who are avoiding dairy due to ethical or health reasons. They will appreciate videos such as this.


The videos could aid in the sale of their products since they integrate their products into recipes as the ingredients. However, they do it in a subtle way. Another thing you may have noticed in the previous videos by Cilicia Farms and Buzzfeed tasty is that there isn’t a spoken word in the videos. The only communication occurs via the recipes and overlaid text. This is like eighty percent of viewers are watching videos with audio off. Therefore the subtitles will be added to ensure that more viewers will be able to watch the videos and be able to understand what’s happening. It is easy to make subtitles for your Instagram videos by making use of a tool such as the Screencast-Omatic Video Editor.

SocialCaptain adds to it that “You can capture your video using a video camera or even your smartphone and upload the file to their editor.” Then insert your overlay text. The font could be of any size and color that you would like. Additionally, you can add additional elements that allow the font to make a statement.

Create Sales Videos

When you have created educational videos that boost trust and engagement. You can then create videos to sell your product that is focused on convincing people to buy your product. These videos are less engaging but they’ll generate more money through Instagram. The videos must be focused on one aspect, and that is getting customers to purchase your product. Make the product the main focus of the video and swiftly demonstrate how it can be utilized.

Don’t only do this within the clip, you can do this also in the caption, too. You can write down all the advantages of the product, and then follow up by using some hashtags. If you post this video, ensure that you change the URL of the bio of your profile on Instagram to the landing page. Also, you should tell users to click the link within the bio to access the product. Reach your target audience by buying followers in Australia from InstaBoost. Increase your natural growth in this way.

You’ll notice that the primary purpose of the film is on showing the possibilities you have with the silicone spoon they’re advocating throughout the clip. There’s nothing else that can distract you. They’ve also added the “link in bio” call to action caption.

Instagram Shoppable posts

This can increase click-through rates because people will be able to visit your site directly, instead of in a circular fashion. Queen Bottle was able to accomplish this since their site is hosted on Shopify.

Shopify integrates with Instagram which allows you to tag items from your store in your posts. If you’re also looking to make use of this integration, be sure to create your store using Shopify or another builder that provides this type of integration. This also means easier for you because you won’t need to continually alter the URL of your bio and change it back. You can instead utilize an application such as split. link to create an Instagram landing page that makes it easier to users find all the necessary links for your business.

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