How To Secure Your Site During Construction

How To Secure Your Site During Construction
How To Secure Your Site During Construction

Similar to a vacant home, vacant land is also vulnerable to criminals. This means owners must take the appropriate steps to ensure the property is secure. Vandalism is a persistent issue in Calgary, particularly where the owners aren’t currently living on the land.

Additionally, there is the risk of more practice squatting. It can turn out to be a lengthy and costly problem to solve.

Maybe you own a piece of land awaiting construction or you have started construction, or you plan to sell the land at a later time. You can do a lot of things for construction site security if you have decided to kickoff construction.

Physical Barriers

Concrete blocks

To stop trespassers from entering the property, Concrete blocks can be placed in the area since they will hinder vehicles with no authorization from being allowed to drive on the land.

Made of concrete These blocks are very heavy as you’d expect. This means they can’t be easily transported by anyone who may wish to get into the area unless they have access to specific lifting equipment.


To ensure maximum security on the land area that isn’t being used, It is advised to put up physical barriers, like fencing, on the perimeter.

While it is not a perfect security measure in isolation, fencing can be an additional layer of security to prevent people’s entry.

Various kinds of fencing are available, such as ones with anti-climb features or sharp edges that protrude off the sides of the.

In most cases, the mere presence of fences, especially ones that could constitute a physical threat, will often suffice to deter anyone from trying to gain unauthorized access to a site that is not in use.


A short-term, temporary solution for properties that are only vacant for a brief period is to use solid timber boarding on both windows and doors (if there are).

This is an affordable and easy way to deter visitors from entering the premises. However, it shouldn’t be used as a permanent measure.

Windows And Doors

Security doors and strong and durable windows, typically made of steel, are an excellent solution to guard vacant properties from fire and vandalism.

These provide greater security than ordinary doors, windows, or even the mentioned boardings because they typically have tamper-proof fixings and are abrasion-proof. This means squatters, vandals and criminals are unlikely to gain access without equipment and tools.

Security Technology


A presence like CCTV is still one of the most effective ways to deter trespassers who are not wanted if you don’t wish to hire a security guard company If people feel they are being monitored, they will be less likely to visit a location where they aren’t allowed.

The technology permits monitoring of the location at all times, even when not in use, and provides extremely precise footage. It can assist those who monitor to spot any potential risks or dangers, like vandals, fire hazards or other trespassers and take swift action before anything serious could occur.

Furthermore, if the incident occurs and the footage is recorded, it could be used to prove the incident in police investigations or prosecutions. Another benefit is that using CCTV frequently helps bring lower insurance costs.

Video Detection

When used in conjunction with CCTV in conjunction with the wireless video detection system, it is beneficial since it will notify users on their mobile or tablet whenever an unwelcome visitor is recognized.

This allows the parties to react swiftly, alert the authorities, and receive a prompt response from the police.

Thanks to its HD quality image and quick detection, the latest technology allows you to watch your empty site at any time and from any location and give you complete security.

Security Guard

A relatively new idea, property guardians are usually used as a temporary option to protect vacant properties or commercial spaces like warehouses, pubs that are no longer in use or schools that are not used.

So you can hire a security guard for construction security. The job of a property guardian is to serve as a “house-sitter” if you intend to temporarily live on vacant premises to stop people from moving in or harming the property.

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