How to ensure quality in machine rental?

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Machine leasing is a profitable business that offers numerous benefits to the lessee. However, the leasing manager has quite a challenge: to guarantee the quality and performance of the machines in his leasing company.

First, he, when allocating, needs to ensure that the machine is working perfectly. After all, it is the company’s image at stake, as well as the customer’s trust. 

On the other hand, in this process, it will be necessary to know the status of the machines when receiving them at the end of a rental contract. 

In addition, damage and breakdowns can happen due to several factors, one of our main care is to minimize these risks as much as possible. Not that there is mistrust of customers, after all, damage and breakdowns can happen. However, it is a business risk.

So, let’s talk a little about how to improve the performance of machine rental in your company. Follow up!

3 situations where renting machines has become a loss for your leasing company

1 – There was no preventive maintenance program

Anyone who is an entrepreneur in the machine rental segment knows that chasing losses is not good for finances. You need to act proactively.

This means that doing only corrective maintenance of the machines requires more effort, as well as having higher costs. 

That’s why it’s important to have a preventive maintenance program, with documents about the history of machines and inspections, observations on parts, worn components, and any other factor that can interfere with the performance of the machine. 

That way, if there are breakdowns while you’re with the customer, it’s easier to identify a problem, due to the equipment’s history, or if the failure happened due to misuse of the machine. 

This control is essential for good lease management. Consider that good technical assistance is a great competitive advantage since your machines will always be in good condition and under constant maintenance. 

2 – There were not enough guarantees in the lease agreement

When it comes to drafting machine rental contracts, all care and attention are required. 

It must be made clear that, if the misuse or operation of the machine by an unqualified person, for example, is identified as the cause of the breakdown in the machine and operation of the equipment by an unqualified person, the lessee is responsible for it.

In addition, as these are contracts that often involve high-value machines, the warranty clause needs to be very specific. 

The value of the deposit, for example, must be sufficient to cover expenses with repairs or purchase of parts, if this is the responsibility of the lessee. 

In addition, it is important that the machine rental agreement makes all the terms and conditions of use clear. Specify the conditions, the lease term, and, above all, what to do if the equipment is defective or fails. 

It is also interesting to include a clause about the good use of the machine and what kind of punishment if there is a misuse of the machine. 

3 – The lease had no insurance

Another point of attention is not having insurance for the equipment. Mainly because there are certain types of risks that have nothing to do with who operates the machine, lack of maintenance, or other types of accidents.  

Insurance against bad weather or natural phenomena, for example. This type of insurance considers phenomena of nature any event that is not the responsibility of human action, but that can cause damage. 

In addition, it is recommended that you carefully evaluate the coverage of the insurance contracted. However, rest assured that when you hire the insurance company, you will be well advised on how to get good insurance that covers all possibilities of claims. 

How improper use and breakdowns of rental equipment impact your business

When you lease your machines, you know that the tenant intends to make good use of them, as your job depends on it. 

The company that rents depends on the proper functioning of the equipment. Despite this, what you don’t have is the guarantee that the equipment will be taken care of as you would.

In this case, a wrong use is enough to cause some kind of damage. We have also talked about the professional who operates the machine, who is not always qualified for the job. 

Whatever the case, in which your machine is returned with problems, it can directly impact your business, such as delay in service deliveries, generating greater demands for the in-house workshop, or hiring an outsourced company.

If there is no care that we talked about earlier, about So Clean insurance or bond, you have to bear the costs that could be avoided.

Now imagine this in progression: two or more machines. When you see, your business is earning less and less and the situation starts to become very worrying.   

Tips to ensure machine quality and performance

#1 Perform regular equipment maintenance

Maintenance is the big differentiator in a machine rental business. 

Untested equipment can cause accidents. And that’s not what we want. Not to mention what comes with it: dissatisfied customers, lack of trust in the company, bad reputation, etc. 

#2 Use technologies to optimize processes

Use management software and optimize all processes related to machine rental, customer contracts, maintenance, and other types of control. 

Manual work can overwhelm you, in addition to causing control failures. 

#3 Watch out for equipment depreciation and lifespan

Consider and Evaluate the Calculation of Depreciation and the Lifetime of a Machine. 

Correct maintenance helps to extend the lifespan, but when it comes time to stop equipment, do it. In fact, renewing the fleet (or a machine) can be a great competitive advantage for your company. 

Final considerations

Now that you have good tips on how to efficiently control your machine rental, it’s time to put it into practice. 

After all, taking care of your machines is essential for the development and profitability of the company, by following these tips the chances of having problems with your equipment and leases are reduced.

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