How to Dress up for a Wedding Ceremony During Summers in London

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Summer wedding ceremonies are a common phenomenon in London. When the sun is out, bright and shining people prefer to take full advantage and have outdoor ceremonies. If you’ve been invited to any such wedding and not sure what to wear, then read on to find out how you can dress up perfectly for a summer wedding ceremony in London. Let’s begin.

  • Flowy, breezy dresses

Although summers in London will not make you sweat, it still is a good idea to opt for flowy dresses. Choose lighter fabrics such as cotton or cotton mix to keep your body temperature cool. Avoid heavy materials such as wool, silk, nylon or other artificial fabrics that prevent the skin from breathing. Breezy dresses also serve another purpose. Since it lets your skin breathe, there is lesser accumulation of sweat and a minimizes risk of body odour, especially for outdoor wedding ceremonies, that are common during the summer season in London.

  • Minimal jewellery

Summer season dressing is all about sporting a minimalistic look. This rule applies to jewellery as well. Wear minimal jewellery and make sure it isn’t too flashy. Since summers will obviously have natural bright light, avoid wearing something too sparkly or showy, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. You can stick to safer jewellery accessories such as delicate pendants, studded earrings and bangle-type bracelets or charm bracelets too. Remember, the lesser the better. The key is to look elegant and not overdo it.

  • Hats are a must

British weddings are quite formal when it comes to attires and hats are an integral part of the outfit. Having said that, we’d still like to emphasize on wearing hats especially for a summer wedding. They serve both purposes: one is to look elegant and royal and the second to protect you from the sun. Choose a well-fitting hat for the occasion that preferably matches the tone of your dress. You can decide jewellery according so it won’t be shadowed by your hat in any way.

  • Choose light colours and pastels

We have already discussed about the light fabric of your dress. It is, however, equally important to choose the colours thoughtfully that will go with your sapphire engagement rings London. You should opt for light colours such as yellow, peach, pistachio green or pastels. Typical English colours like lavender work well too. Pink is another great choice. Light colours will reflect the natural light well and make you appear more presentable. It will also reflect a beautiful glow on your skin and will look well in sync with the colour of the dress.

  • Floral patterns are a great option for summers

Next comes the patterns. Although this is entirely a personal choice and the season doesn’t affect it much, there are a few patterns that simply look better for summer weddings. Florals, for instance are a wonderful choice. Since summers have flowers everywhere and often that is the theme of the wedding ceremonies too, wearing a floral dress compliments the theme. Embroidered dresses stand out and will give you a good amount of second glances too. So, you should definitely consider these two patterns.

  • Avoid layered clothing

Try and avoid multiple layers such as shrugs or shawls. Jackets also are not a good idea for summer weddings. Keep in simple, single-layered and airy, just like simple synthetic diamond rings. That way you’ll be comfortable and also look well in sync with the surroundings.

The Bottom Line

Weddings are lengthy events so it is important that you feel comfortable throughout. Make sure to choose clothes that are easy to handle. After all, along with looking good, you should also be able to enjoy the ceremony to the fullest. We hope our dressing up tips will help you plan your outfit for the next summer wedding.

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