How has Whatsapp Business API revolutionized customer engagement in India

Whatsapp Business API

Whatsapp Business API is being widely used across the world to bridge the gap between businesses and customers. It has allowed seamless communication between the two.

Businesses can communicate with a lot of customers at once. This can be done in real-time or through automated replies.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is no rocket science. It is, in very simple language, an advanced version of WhatsApp made for helping the businesses in expanding. It helps businesses communicate with customers at scale. Everyday interactions with customers turn super simple with Whatsapp Business API. With the help of WhatsApp Business API, several businesses in India have got an edge over the competition.

As for customers, they can get their queries answered in real-time, and personalised suggestions while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

Businesses in India that choose WhatsApp Business API most certainly stand to gain from it in many ways.

Trust already established: Trust is priceless and it takes years to build it. Most customers already trust WhatsApp and they already use it. You need not convince them to download an app or get used to a new platform. In case you want to reach out to them, you do not need to do much, just ask them to use Whatsapp.

Unparalleled security: WhatsApp Business API is extremely secure and is designed to protect businesses as well as users. The messages are encrypted from end to end. The encryption does not allow a third party to read the messages between two clients.

Can target better: With Whatsapp, you can target your clients better. This can also save the clients from receiving a lot of spam messages. Only relevant messages can be sent to the most suitable customers.

Sense of urgency: Irrespective of how busy you are, there are very less chances you can resist a WhatsApp message. This is just the way of the world today. A notification on Whatsapp can gather a lot of attention from the owner of the account. This can be used well by businesses.

Capable of including media: Messages through Whatsapp need not be only text messages. They can be in the form of pictures, videos or even audio. This gives the customer a feel of a conversation. The app can also be used to send GIFs and one can be creative with those.

Positive Customer Feedback: The app allows the business to be available at the beck and call of the customer. It gets the customer comfortable in the business. It can also increase the chances of them referring your business to others, giving you a significant edge over your competitors.

How to get Whatsapp Business API in India?

In India, there are many Whatsapp Business API solution providers. Due to the rising population of the country, more and more tech companies are making inroads in the country to bring top-notch technical support. Similarly, various companies help your business in getting Whatsapp Business API.

Knowlarity is one of the best such companies. It offers attractive packs and deals because it understands what it takes to build a business. Some of the features it allows are:

Conversational Bots: This allows Whatsapp to provide automated replies to the customers. This ensures that potential leads are not missed.

Automated Replies: Knowlarity also provides the facility to send automated notifications. This works well in the case of reminders and orders. The clients develop a tendency of reliability in the company.

IVR Deflection: Through this, you can route your incoming Whatsapp calls and optimise the waiting time. This can improve customer satisfaction massively.

You can contact the company through its website and the tech team will contact you. If you need time to build trust, you can opt for the free trial. It can also be availed through the company’s website. It is trusted by brands like MG Hector, OYO, Carwale, BIRA, FirstChoice and others.

The company offers both options, First, it can integrate Whatsapp Business API with your existing number if you have not used the service on that number before. Second, it can provide you with a fresh number for the same. Go ahead and try it out today!

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