How do I get sponsored by brands?

How do I get sponsored by brands?
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Want to know how to be sponsored by brands? In this article, you will see what you need to do to attract the attention of companies that invest the most in Brazilian sports. Check out the tips and start applying now to start the year with a new sponsorship. Read on and see how to be sponsored by brands.

How do I apply for a sponsorship?

The sponsorship request can be made directly to the company or to an intermediary, such as sports marketing agencies, for example. The first step is to find the sector responsible for sponsorship in companies and get in touch to find out how the procedure is.

The request must be made by means of a letter and accompanied by an athlete’s resume or website. The advantage of the presentation site is that the athlete can add videos of his competitions, links to articles he has participated in or interviews he has given. 

If you can’t create a website, send your resume in a text file, but attach to the email all materials that contribute to representing your profile, showing who you are and your commitment to the sport.

How to be sponsored by brands

The main source of sponsorship for athletes is brands. Therefore, when an athlete seeks sponsorship, it is more common to think of names of companies, such as Nike and Adidas, that are strongly connected with the sport. 

For the brand, sports sponsorship is interesting, as it puts the company and its products in the spotlight, reaching a greater number of people, through a path independent of advertising.

But what do athletes need to be sponsored by brands ? Next, you will see what to do to attract attention and how to be sponsored by renowned brands in the sports market.

How to be sponsored by Nike

Nike acts proactively looking for athletes to represent the brand, but does not open selection processes, tests and also does not accept sponsorship requests. Thus, the best way to be sponsored by Nike is to stand out in the sport and attract the attention of the brand.

How to be sponsored by Adidas

To seek sponsorship on the Adidas sports brand, you must contact the department responsible for brand partnerships and sponsorships or the sports marketing agency that serves the brand.

Along with your contact message, send a personal presentation, with a history of your sporting achievements and support material that shows your performance.

How to be sponsored by Red Bull

Red Bull is a company open to receiving sponsorship requests from athletes. The first step is to make contact with the company, through the phone or chat on the website. In this first conversation, you will be asked for your contact information so that the specialized team can return.

It is important to have all presentation material ready and available to send out as soon as the company makes contact. In addition to not wasting their time, you will convey that you are a professional person from the first moment.

How to be sponsored by Itaú

Itaú is the official sponsor of all Brazilian soccer teams, supports sports training projects and other sports-focused projects. Negotiations with other athletes take place through the sports marketing agencies that serve the bank. 

How to be sponsored by Santander

Santander supports projects in different areas, not just sports. The process of seeking sponsorship begins with submitting a proposal. The bank suggests that the interested party sends his sponsorship request, together with the explanatory proposal.

The proposal is evaluated by the team specialized in sponsorship and is answered within 30 days. The bank recommends that the proposal be sent at least 90 days in advance for the project to be carried out.

How to be sponsored by Bradesco

Bradesco has its own sports training and development centers. However, it does not provide any type of channel for athletes to send their sponsorship proposals.

How to be sponsored by Skol

Skol’s sponsorships are defined and maintained by Ambev. The company has a page on the website with all the information and the process that the athlete needs to know to request a sponsorship.

You can check the step by step in this link , but any kind of contact about sponsorships must be done through this form . Please read the sponsorship policy guidelines before contacting us to discuss your projects.

How to be sponsored by Itaipava

Grupo Petrópolis, responsible for the Itaipava brand, does not openly disclose the sponsorship request process. The alternative to get in touch with the company and present a sponsorship proposal is through the agencies that take care of its image and publicity.

How to be sponsored by Brahma

Brahma beer is also part of the Ambev group. Therefore, the process for requesting sponsorship is the same as detailed in the Skol beer topic.

How to be sponsored by Monster

The Monster Sponsorship application is made directly on the “ Monster Army ” website. You register on the site to be part of the Monster Army Athlete Development Team. The site will require you to fill in a form and then you can submit your request;

How to be sponsored by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola makes public notices to define what will be its next sponsorships. To participate, follow the news on the website and stay on top of the guidelines whenever a new public notice is opened. 

How to be sponsored by Petrobras

Like Coca-Cola, Petrobras also opens public notices to define the projects that will receive sponsorship. Follow the website to find out when new notices will be opened.

How to be sponsored by Puma

Puma does not disclose how athletes seeking sponsorship are selected, in addition to not providing a contact channel for those interested in submitting a project. The way, in this case, is to look for sports marketing agencies that serve the brand.

How to be sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal

​CAIXA is among the institutions that most invest in and encourage cultural and sports practices in Brazil. The institution invests millions in sponsorships and cultural programs. 

To request a sponsorship, the athlete must fill out an electronic form, at least 90 days prior to the event. Projects go through an analysis stage and then they must send an objective proposal with all the project information.

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