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A remote administration tools, what we commonly known as RSAT, is a type of program used to connect to a remote computer through a network that can be local or the Internet, in order to execute any activity that the person wishes.

Remote administration tools(RAT) can be categorized into malicious and legitimate applications, so activating them within our devices can be complicated; however we bring you all the necessary information to do so.

What requirements does your device need to have to activate RSAT?

There are a series of factors to take into account when you need or want to activate an RSAT on your PC, so we have prepared this short list to help you understand each factor.

  • You can only install RSAT on computers running client editions of the Windows Operating System such as Professional or Enterprise.
  • You must be running a full version of the Windows operating system.
  • You have to update your Windows 10 to the latest versions, after October 2018.
  • Manually download the RSAT package in case you cannot update your Windows 10.

How can you install the RSAT tools specific to an update?

To install the RSAT tools take into account each of the factors mentioned above. These steps can only be installed on versions of Windows whose update is October 2018.

  • Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Applications’ and select the ‘Apps & features’ option. This in order to select the optional features.
  • Select the ‘Add a feature’ option and search for RSAT, then press ‘Install’. With this you will already have active the tools corresponding to RSAT. Remember that the version of Windows must be Pro or Enterprisse.

What is the correct way to activate RSAT from the control panel of your PC?

After downloading the RSAT from the Microsoft Download Center, find the start button and select the Control Panel tab to open it. Then follow the steps below:

  • Once inside the Control Panel, search for and select the ‘Program and Features’ option.
  • Select ‘Turn windows features on or off’ and check the box that says ‘Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services’.
  • Look for a box that says ‘Services for NFS’, expand and check the ‘Administrative Tools’ option and then check the box for ‘Remote Differential Compression API Support’.
  • Then press OK to save all the changes and you’re done.

To see the Active Directory User you just have to go back to the Control Panel and select the Administrative Tools option.

What can you do to know how to free up space you don’t need with RSAT?

When you decide to install the Remote Server Administration Tools, they remain in the system even when the software on your machine is updated since they tend to have a resistance time.

However, there are tools that are not really used and that you can disable to save space on your PC. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the Apps section and then select the Apps & Features option, then select where it says Manage optional features.
  • Now locate the tools that you do not use and click on each of them to then select the Uninstall option.


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