How and when the insurance is concluded?

How and when the insurance is concluded?
The Sea Ranch, CALIFORNIA – Nov 12, 2018: Medicare Health Insurance card and Social Security Card on white background. Medicare is a national health insurance program provided by the United States for seniors 65 and older. It began in 1966. Social Security is an insurance program for retirement, disability and survivor benefits by the US Government.

Stay calm with Smartphone Protect

Have you ever imagined what you would do without your smartphone, tablet or any of your smart accessories? It’s difficult without them, because with them you do many things at the same time. Having them in your hands all the time means that they can be broken or stolen more easily. And when something like that happens, there’s no going back.

We know all this and offer you Smartphone Protect – insurance for your new device. You can get it from Yettel for peace of mind and not to worry when your phone feels the gravity of the earth or falls into someone else’s hands against your will.

What the insurance provides you:

  1. Up to 2 approved claims (damages) within every 12 months while the policy is in force.
  2. Report damage by phone at number 123 (089 123).
  3. In case of replacement, the Insurer provides a device of the same brand and model or a device of a different brand and model, but with as similar characteristics as possible.
  4. Repair in a Yettel workshop and the possibility to provide you with a temporary device, for short periods and we always use original spare parts.
  5. Secure repair or replacement of your device.
  6. No monetary compensation is provided under the insurance.

How and when the insurance is concluded:

• If you are a customer who uses a subscription plan for mobile services from Yettel and you purchase a new smart device or enter into a lease contract for one with the conclusion of a new or renewal of an existing subscription contract for mobile service.

• At the time of purchase/leasing or no later than 180 days thereafter.

• Onsite at a Yettel store.

• By signing an insurance contract.

•Remotely, through Yettel’s online store. When concluding insurance for a remote device, in addition to the provisions of the Insurance Code, the provisions of the Law on the Provision of Remote Financial Services shall apply. When ordering device insurance online, the user receives his policy number by courier, together with its accompanying documents, including the Information document for the insurance product, the General Terms and Conditions for device insurance “Smartphone Protect” and “Smartphone Protect +”, the pre-contractual information under the Insurance Code and signs them in his own hand, upon receipt and where necessary. An insurance policy concluded through the Yettel Online Store can be terminated at any time by submitting an application at any Yettel sales outlet, incl.

What is the premium and what do I pay:

• The monthly premium depends on the standard price of the device without Yettel service subscription and the selected insurance product.

• The monthly premium is included in the monthly invoice from Yettel for telecommunications services. The same conditions and terms of payment apply to the premium.

• In the event of approved damage, a deductible is payable upon receipt of the repaired or replaced device.

• The amount of the deductible depends on the standard price of the device without subscription to services from Yettel. It is clear in advance when concluding the insurance contract.

• The monthly insurance premium, the insurance premium tax payable (2%) and the amount of the excess in case of damage will be specified in your policy.

In case of Theft – robbery, burglary or pickpocketing or Damage:

• In case of Theft, Damage as a result of an attempted Theft, or Malicious Damage: Within 48 hours of establishing Theft, Damage as a result of an attempted Theft, or Malicious Damage you must notify the police and take an official document, in which is described which device is the target of the attack. This document will serve the insurer.
• In case of Theft: Notify Yettel through the Customer Service Department at number 123 (089 123) to limit outgoing calls from the SIM card.
In any case of a claim under the insurance: to notify the insurer at number 123 (089 123) and to sign a claim registration form within 7 (seven) working days after discovering the Theft or Damage, according to the order specified in the General Terms and Conditions
• In case of Damage: to hand over the damaged device in a timely manner (within 7 days from the date of signing the claim registration form)
• After your claim is approved, to visit a Yettel store to sign the necessary documents and take your repaired, new or replaced device. In the event that a replacement is required at the discretion of the Insurer, the Insurer will provide you with another device of the same make and model or a device of a different make and model, but with as similar characteristics as possible, in perfect working order and with perfect functionality and impeccable appearance, certified and tested by the manufacturer.

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