Holiday financing: why is it convenient to apply for a loan to travel?

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Holidays are approaching and would you like to plan a trip or a special stay with your loved ones or friends? Have you thought about a holiday loan , but you don’t know who to turn to? allows you to apply for and obtain a loan to finance your next vacation , saving on management costs and with the possibility of taking advantage of subsidized rates, dedicated to certain categories of workers.

Applying for a personal loan or accessing the fifth assignment, through the digital platform, is child’s play: just a few clicks are enough to enter the required data from a smartphone, PC or tablet, equipped with an internet connection. In just over an hour you will receive the outcome of your request and a completely new perspective will open up for your next vacation, which you deserve to live to the full.

The travel loan: the types to choose from

To obtain liquidity and think about your next vacation, you have two types of financing available, which are:

  • Assignment of the fifth: this is a form of financing dedicated to public and private employees, retirees and those who have a permanent employment contract. The interest rates of this loan category are competitive with those of the market and, if you are one of the subjects who can request it, you will not have to worry about the repayment of the installment, which will be deducted directly from your paycheck every month.
  • Personal loan: this loan category is considered the leanest and fastest, both for the management of the practice and for the material disbursement of the money requested. To request personalized financing, you will not even have to specify the reason for your application and if you meet the feasibility requirements, you could receive the requested money even within 48 hours.

The characteristics of holiday loans

The main characteristics of personalized loans make them a highly attractive financial product for different categories of workers, both employees and self-employed, including retirees. The distinctive features of personal loans Proceeds are:

  • speed: within 24 hours you will receive the outcome of your request;
  • confidentiality: you will not have to specify the purpose of the loan, i.e. how you will use the money;
  • affordable rate: you can take advantage of a subsidized rate of 3.58%, one of the lowest on the market.

Who can apply for holiday financing?

The categories that can apply for subsidized holiday loans include:

  • public and private employees;
  • pensioners, up to 89 years on expiry of the installment plan for the repayment of installments;
  • self-employed;
  • all those residing in Italy.

As you can see, the categories of those who can apply for a personal loan are really wide; if you want to plan your next holidays in time, save with a loan requested online on the platform: you will be amazed by the simplicity of handling the practice and the speed in replying.

Furthermore, if you deem it necessary, you can count on the free toll-free number 06 997 9491, active on working days from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18. Kind and trained operators will be at your disposal to answer any questions concerning your loan, clarify any doubts and provide all necessary assistance.

Apply for a holiday loan through the assignment of the fifth

The assignment of the fifth is a type of loan that provides particularly advantageous interest rates and the curtailment of the installment by way of reimbursement directly from the applicant’s paycheck (or pension slip). One of the most interesting elements of the assignment of the fifth is that the prior authorization of the employer is not required, be it a private company or a public body.

The amount of the monthly payment cannot exceed one fifth of the total disbursed each month and this represents a protection towards the final consumer, who does not risk encountering a situation of over-indebtedness. To obtain the necessary liquidity and organize your next holidays, check on the website if you have the characteristics to present an application for the assignment of the fifth: saving with this type of loan is simple, thanks to the absence of management costs, the rates really competitive and the method of forwarding entirely online.

How to apply for a holiday loan on

The travel financing application procedure is really simple and only takes a few minutes of your time. The steps involved are as follows:

  • access the page, click on the Request your loan button and start entering the requested data, starting with the amount you need;
  • select your work activity, chosen from those available: you will find, for example, public employees, railway workers, postal employees, military workers, self-employed workers and retirees;
  • selects the type of contract in place, to be chosen between fixed and open-ended, with an indication of the start of the activity, the monthly net salary and the number of monthly payments;
  • enter your personal data, telephone number and e-mail address: the correct indication of these data is essential for the procedure to proceed smoothly and with the greatest possible fluidity.

At this point, click on the Check feasibility button and get ready for the next step, which requires you to forward all the necessary documentation to the credit office to evaluate your request.

Through Whatsapp you will send, to the contact indicated during registration, the identity documents and the salary or pension slip. Subsequently, one of the consultants will call you using Google Hangout, an application that you can download to your smartphone completely free of charge. Following the appropriate checks, you will receive the money directly to the IBAN indicated in the documentation.

Discover all the advantages of holiday financing

Requesting liquidity with a holiday loan is the simplest and fastest solution to plan your holidays in a safe and flexible way, saving on management costs and with the possibility of taking advantage of the best interest rates on the market. Furthermore, with the subsidized rates, you can take advantage of the 3.58% rate, which will allow you to obtain credit at a significantly lower cost than those currently granted by other financial companies.

The time is right to contact us through the toll-free number or immediately request the feasibility of your loan: between you and that suitcase there could already be a positive outcome, in less than an hour.

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