Getting a Head-Start and Easing Your CA Journey

Head-Start and Easing

Education plays an important part, in all our lives, be it nursery, pre-school, or even high school. Getting through all these phases in our educational journey enables us to keep on achieving more and more while increasing our knowledge too. But one of the turning points in this journey comes when we are to choose our stream of choice after our 10th standard, among the common streams available being science, commerce, and arts.

Now, while a majority of Indian students may blindly choose science, simply because they are either confused about what they want to do or due to parental pressure, it is important to know that commerce, too, possesses just as much potential. It has many professions like company secretary, financial analyst, event manager, etc under it, the most popular one being that of a Charted Accountant (CA).

Who is a Charted Accountant?

A Charted Accountant is a professional who is known to have a deep knowledge in the fields of financial management, taxation, business strategy, auditing, etc. They would have cleared a set of rigorous exams on these subjects to become one. Charted Accountants are capable of holding influential positions and business leaders and advisers worldwide. They help companies and individuals with most of their financial and monetary advice and aspects, making them a key to running a business with good financial management.

What do CAs do?

CAs play a major role in keeping the economy of the country running by providing their financial advice and expertise to various sectors. They mainly work in the following fields-

  • Business- They manage the finances of the business through roles like the fund manager, finance director, etc
  • Corporate finance- involves securing funds for the company for capital, mergers & acquisitions, etc, through negotiations with professionals
  • Taxation- Computing taxes of their clients, to be paid as income tax at the end of every financial year to the government
  • Public practice- Providing consultancies, managements service, advice, etc to clients
  • Forensic accounting- Investigating cases of commercial frauds, civil cases, etc in aspects of accountancy

How to become a CA

Having seen the importance of a CA to business and the public in general, if you are interested in becoming a CA, you can enroll yourself with the ICAI after attaining 18 years of age, to appear for their 3 levels of examinations. Upon qualifying these, you get certified as a Charted Accountant.

To help you be thoroughly prepared to face these exams, you can join any ca coaching in faridabad or your city of residence to start with. You can then attend their classes and learn better. You can find some of the best ca coaching institute in faridabad that guide you step by step through your preparation process and help you clear it in the first attempt itself.

Hence, if you want to impact this vast field of finance in the Indian economy, you can definitely consider becoming a CA, for which you will be given top training if you enroll with the best coaching institutes there is, to ease out your CA journey!

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