Five tips for making more benefits from sales

The conventional method to increase the price of each transaction is to provide additional sales.

Another traditional way of ensuring that you will not lose sales will provide sales and sales to those who may not need a main offer or purchasing reasons (generally lacking funds). It is.

1. Know the customer

It is very difficult to perform a successful offer until you know the customer. Knowing national and foreign viewers can confirm that each offer has problems with customers. It also helps to know correct sales and sales.

2. Make sure that additional sales are linked to the original offer

When choosing additional sales or sales, they must be closely linked to the first offer. Otherwise, you will be confused. An example of this practice is to provide the “how to mow health”. As an additional sales offer, you can add a “30 -day menu plan, including the shopping list, cooking recipes and instructions”.

3. Maintain additional sales and escape with a limited offer

The danger of sales and sales is the temptation that continues to add an offer when people refuse to offer the first offer. However, I don’t want to confuse customers with too many options. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that sales or sales are not huge prices increase or increase. Anyway, think about 20-25% from top to bottom.

4. Create a group offer

One way to provide an incredible additional sale is to make additional sales packaging. For example, this E -Book is sold, and there is also a list of food, recipes and instructions. In addition, there is group coaching. You can put them all in the right package in the basket and select it instead of the original choice.

5. Try everything

If you want to provide something, it is important to consider different price ranges, certain high sales and various sales. Performing certain A / B tests may indicate whether viewers will be more packaging and more directly or sales. You cannot know what they like without trying.

By adding an opportunity for sale and selling it to the original offer, the price of the initial purchase will increase and guarantee that there is more money.

In addition, network sales will maintain customers who are not ready to engage in the highest price offer. This brings them to the distribution list and displays the quality of the work, but is always linked to the first offer.

Effective sales funnels can always convert potential customers to customers during the structuring of sales and underground sales in an automatic pilot and appropriately.

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