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Before the M5 became what it is today, it had a humble beginning in the ’80s. The first ones to arrive were a BMW 5 series sedan with the BMW M1 powertrain under the hood. The sedan offers a lot of practicality, horseback, and great handling. But back then, improvements were limited and there was a trade-off between comfort and performance. As time went by, such an issue will decrease, that is, it would not happen as usually as before.

It is reported by Wapcar.my that After taking over the sedan and wagon segments with the V10-powered E60/E61, producing 20,589 units between 2005 and 2010, BMW began looking to increase its stakes for the next-generation M5. The brand has made a number of changes to the sedan, giving it an improved performance-oriented look and luxurious interior, among other things. Consequently, the F10 BMW M5 emerged following the trend.

The F10 BMW M5 series has replaced the naturally aspirated V10 engine of its predecessor with a twin-turbo V8, giving the transmission great power and torque. Rear-wheel drive is the only configuration available, but US buyers can choose between a dual-clutch automatic or a six-speed manual. This made the new F10 BMW M5 the most useful M5 ever, delivering ever more luxury while outperforming the most expensive supercars at the time. We dive into some of the features we love about the F10 BMW M5 and why you should buy it. 

It’s hard to admit that downsizing and turbocharging are a bit outdated. But they were still the cause of much research during the production period of the E60 and E61, which had naturally aspirated 5-liter V10 engines. For some reason, the 4.4-liter V8 doesn’t offer much satisfaction in the market, even with two turbochargers. But it is the V8 engine of the F10 M5 that attracts attention with its advantages. 

Power for this M5 comes from a 4.4-liter “S63” twin-turbo V8 that produces about 553 hp. With so much power, it surpassed the V10 E60’s amazing 500 hp figure. This not only makes the M5 the first turbocharged model but also BMW’s most powerful road car. In terms of torque, the V8 is much more satisfying. Where the old unit produced 384 lb-ft at 6,100 rpm, the new unit delivered up to 501 lb-ft from 1,500 to 5,750 rpm. With a powerful engine, the F10 can accelerate to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds, with a top speed limited to 155 mp.

The optional M-Pack raised the top speed limit to 190 mph. With the Competitive Package, introduced in 2014, customers can unlock an additional 55 hp. The package also lowers the car’s position by 0.4 inches and equips it with a revised suspension setup. In 2015, the competitive package increased power output to 591 ponies. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission. The M5 has always had an iconic look, eliminating unnecessary aesthetics and creating a strong yet sophisticated look. At first glance, the F10 M5 looks like a regular BMW sedan. And unlike anything that can produce more than 550 horsepower. Compared to its predecessor, the F10 drops what it brings and has a much lighter profile and sleeker details. 

It is also longer and wider than ever, measuring 193.3 inches long and 74.4 inches wide. 

Combine that with clearer M-style tweaks and you’ve got a more confident design that shares only  20% of the parts with the standard 5 Series. At the front, it has a wide black grille and three air intakes, giving it a bold and serious finish. The rearview mirror is enhanced with LED  rings and a bi-xenon high beam. Performance skirts and standard 19-inch wheels reinforce the car’s shape. 

The dominant driver’s seat is a central 10.2-inch color display that unifies the functions of the iDrive system, presented in a much simpler and more user-friendly form. Thanks to the 116.9-inch wider wheelbase, the F10 offers more space in the cabin to comfortably seat five people. The interior has enough luxury features to qualify as a limo rather than a sedan. 

And unlike its predecessor, the F10 has a revised instrument cluster and aluminum trim. A leather interior is standard, with the Alcantara option. The Executive Package elevates the interior further with a heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats, active front seats, heated rear seats, a head-up display and satellite radio. 

One thing is certain. The F10 BMW M5 marks the era of a new series of high-performance M sedans and is the pinnacle of automotive evolution. The coolest thing about the M5 is that it’s not just a super utility vehicle, but it’s essentially a  luxury cruiser in its own right. It is also very easy to adjust. Without the M-Badge and all the extra performance, the M5 would look like an everyday luxury sedan. Today, you can buy a BMW M5 F10 for as low as $28,000 on the used car market.

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