Fascinating Foundation Packaging Ideas to Boost Your Business

Foundation Boxes
Foundation Boxes

Foundation set up the base of a makeover. Therefore, it is an essential part of makeup. Now a day, it comes with a sunscreen effect and people apply it on daily basis. It hides dark spots, leaving the skin smooth and even. Thus, it is demanding these days. Many makeup companies manufacture and supply foundations of various tones and styles. If you are also one of the foundation suppliers, you must be searching for creative ways to design your foundation packaging. Well, you don’t need to worry as there are many ways to design the perfect packaging for numerous foundations.

Unique shapes and styles of foundation boxes

There are many types of foundations in the cosmetic industry like tube foundation, container foundation, powder foundation, kit foundation, stick foundation, and many others. To assist a unique packaging for every foundation is not a complex thing. Boxes of many shapes and styles are available to choose from for your foundations. Some of these are:

  • Two-piece boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Tuck end boxes
  • Auto lock bottom boxes
  • Pillow boxes

You can get these boxes in any size per your needs. If you want to place a combo foundation deal in single boxes, then partitions and compartments can be added to serve you. Furthermore, you can add modifiable locks to have a unique closing style on the packaging.

Foundation Boxes

Focus on quality of foundation packaging

Cosmetic brands always look for new strategies to apply and achieve success. One of the success strategies is the quality of packaging. foundations are made especially for women and everybody knows that ladies observe each detail of products while shopping. Therefore, there is no chance that you can hide the defects of your delicate packaging from women’s eyes. So, it is crucial to focus on the quality of foundation packaging to satisfy the sharp eyes of female customers. In addition to impressing customers, the safety of foundations is also necessary.

Thus, use Custom Foundation Boxes made of E-flute corrugated cardboard, cardstock, bux board, and Kraft materials. These materials are strong enough to protect foundations from breakage. Moreover, add coatings to enhance the protection power of these materials. Some coating options are glossy, matte, and UV spot. Lastly, you can add inserts that hold foundations in place, keeping them away from collision and shaking.

Choose Elegant Colors and Graphics

Foundations come in lightest to darkest shades. So, you can select the color of the foundation packaging accordingly. For example, you can add light colors for light foundations or dark colors for darker foundations. Print colors on the custom foundation boxes using high-quality coloring techniques to give a high-quality finishing texture. Some high-level coloring models are PMS and CMYK. These models can form any shade by mixing colors. You can select colors per your preferences. Moreover, colors have a greater influence on people’s minds. Therefore, select colors that perfectly match the theme of your foundation brand to impress customers. To further increase the spark of colors, you can add a glossy or matte coating at the end.

You can give graphics related to your foundations to the custom foundation packaging boxes. Add graphics that can be a proper illustration of your brand. Be sure to add graphical templates that are understandable to your audience. You can choose or design graphics per your brand theme and requirements.

Increase The Visibility of the Foundation

You can add transparency to foundation packaging by cutting a window of any shape and size. This window cut will make your foundations more prominent in customers’ eyes. Customers can look for a foundation that is a perfect match for their skin tone by looking through the window without opening the entire box. In this way, they can check many foundations in a short time.

Foundation Boxes

Furthermore, add a PVC sheet on the window cut out to prevent harmful variables like dust, and direct light from entering the foundation box. This PVC sheet will prevent contamination while retaining the transparency of the foundation at the same time.

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Convey Salient Details of the Foundation

It is crucial to make people aware of your foundation’s features. In other words, mention all the details of your foundation on the custom foundation boxes. Some necessary details are ingredients, usage, precautions, and possible side effects of your foundations. All these details are must to mention because customers make a buying decision after reading these details. Besides, these details form a connection of trust between you and your buyers. Mention these details in attractive fonts and colors to further impress customers. Keep the text clear and clean so that customers can read it without any inconvenience.

Make Brand Identity Through Foundation Packaging

There is no doubt that stunning and precise packaging can impress customers a lot. But, they won’t remember your brand if you don’t mention your brand name, logo, address, and contact links on the custom foundation boxes. There are many creative ways to mention the brand’s details on the packaging. For example, you can emboss the brand logo on the packaging using the embossing technique. It will give a classy and raised look to the logo. Moreover, you can advantage of gold/silver foiling to highlight your brand details. All these steps will be effective in developing a positive image of your foundation business.

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