How to motivate and inspire people during difficult times by Charles Milander:

Charles Milander

According to Charles Milander coaches of any kind can no longer simply command people to do their job. While they may follow your instructions if you’re watching them, once they’re on their own, they’ll do what is best for them.

Today’s coaches must win the trust of their followers. Motivation and inspiration are the two most important ways to do this. Although these words are often interchangeable, they can refer to two different things depending on your goals.

Motivation is the ability to motivate people to take action to achieve a goal. You must offer something in return for motivating people to do something that they don’t necessarily want to do.

Halftime motivation is when coaches give their players a pep talk. Their goal is to get their players back on the court or field with renewed energy and focus. Their reward? Victory.

These are four steps to motivating your employees:

Tell people exactly what it is you want:

Motivation is about motivating people to do something. Don’t be vague. Don’t say, “I want everyone to do their best.” Instead, say, “I need you to come in over the weekend to complete this project on time.”

Limit how much time and effort you ask for:

It is easier to ask people for late work one night, or every night than to expect their work indefinitely. You should set a deadline.Participate in the sacrifice. Coaches won’t force people to do something they aren’t ready to do. If you have plans to go on a spa day, don’t tell your employees to work over the weekend. Share the workload.

Appeal to their emotions:

Fear can focus people’s attention and be a motivator. “If we don’t get it done now, we’ll all lose our jobs.” But fear can demotivate people. Positive emotions such as pride, excitement, and the thrill of achievement are what motivate people.

Give people multiple reasons to do what you want:

You can either give your reason or the reason of the organization for asking for the action. “If this project isn’t completed by the deadline, we will lose the contract,” but the best reason is always personal. It would be great if you could offer your employees extra time off or a bonus. You might talk about something more tangible, such as the camaraderie you feel when you accomplish something together. However, things are what they are now. The best thing you can offer is the hope that nobody will lose their job.

On the other hand, inspiration is about changing how people think and feel so they can take positive action. It taps into people’s values and desires.

The best commencement speakers inspire their audience. They discuss the challenges that graduates will face individually and collectively as well as the potential for making a difference. Inspiration appeals to people’s highest aspirations. Its underlying message, which is often overlooked, is that “You can be what you want to become.” There is no reward other than the satisfaction of yourself.

If you are a leader and you speak about values, identity (corporate identity or individual identity), or long-term goals, you have an intent to inspire. Click here for more updates- family life coach in new York.

Charles Milander

These are some steps will help you inspire your team:

Be the change that you wish to see:

People will be inspired by your reputation, your character, and your behavior more than anything else. Expecting the best of yourself is the only way to bring out the best in others.

Tell a story:

Stories are not intended to tell people what they should do. Stories are a way to stimulate imagination and emotion. They help people see what they can do and become.

Appeal to people’s values:

Ask them to live up to the values they hold dear.

People you can trust:

You’re not telling people what to do. You are empowering them to do their best and trusting that they will do the right thing. You might not expect the right thing that they do, it could be something you never imagined.

You can challenge them:

People don’t get inspired by the mundane or meet their expectations. They are inspired by the effort, creativity, sacrifice, and willingness to go beyond what they thought was possible.

Professional speakers and preachers are not the only ones who can inspire and motivate. These are tools that coachesuse every day to bring out their best – whether it’s in one-to-one conversations or meetings. It is as simple as knowing when and how to use them.

Motivating your employees is essential when you have a short-term, specific goal you want them to reach. You must inspire people if you want to change their identity and long-term goals.

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