Describe thread veins and how they are treated.

Also known as spider veins, thread veins are also known as “spider veins”. Although they are visible, there are tiny veins underneath the skin. Named after the appearance of the spider veins. Although they are most common on the legs and face, thread veins can be found all over the body. About 80 percent of adults have them. Thread veins come in many shades. They are usually red or pink but can appear darker (often blue, or purple) as they grow larger. Thread vein removal

These are common and get worse as we age.

Thread vein treatment

For treating thread veins in the legs, microsclerotherapy can be used. This method has been used by Veincentre since 2003. It is extremely efficient. It is very simple and not intrusive. Patients can come in and be treated, then they can go home.

Although thread veins can form anywhere on the body they are most common on the legs and face. Thread veins are a common problem that can affect around 80 percent of adults. Some patients may experience cramping, burning, or itching. Varicose veins could be a cause of these symptoms. There are many factors that can affect the appearance, size, and flow of blood within the thread veins visible on the skin. The color of the thread veins can be affected by many factors. They are usually pink or red, but can appear darker (often more blue or purple) when there is more of them. The depth of the thread will determine how visible it is relative to the skin’s surface. The clearer and more distinct the vein appears, the greater its visibility. Thread veins can appear as one larger, straighter vein. They might not look like spider’s Webs.

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